UPDATE – The Parkville Event 2018 – 29/4/18

Hello and welcome everyone to this fortnight’s BLOG post for the upcoming The Parkville Event 2018 MEGA event.  There are now 202 days until this massive geocaching event kicks off and as always we have lots of news for you in regards to everything that has been happening behind the scenes in making this event the best that it can possibly be.

The first point of business is to welcome two new committee members to the organizing committee for the Parkville MEGA. 

SteveCodyThe first is Steve Cody (scody) who has had a major hand in helping us organize every one of the MEGAs that we have held since the first one back in 2015.  Steve background in organizing large events for the scouts means he brings an enormous amount of talent and energy in organizing all of the back end logistics of these large events and we are very glad that he has decided to join us once again for 2018.  Steve will once again be heading up all the volunteers who generously donate their time for these MEGA events and generally ensuing that the whole event runs as smoothly as possible.  With his big hats, you won’t be able to miss Steve on the day.

GemmaThe second new committee member is Gemma Siemensa (GemmaSistema) who has been asked to come on board as a committee member with a particular focus towards the traditional Saturday night event.  Gemma has held or has had a hand in organizing many events and CITOs over the years that she has been involved in geocaching and we look forward to working with her on The Parkville Event 2018 and the traditional Saturday night event too.

Steve and Gemma join the rest of the organizing committee, Louise Sullivan (LousieAnn), Bernie Hollaway (BernieH), David Fowler (Earthbound Chief), Karen Ashford (carkisser), Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg) and Day Gowland (day1976) to form the core group that are responsible for the running of this MEGA.

cropped-tram-coinThe geocoins and pathtags continue to sell well.  The limited edition coin has been VERY popular, but don’t forget for just $16 you can pick up the very nice standard edition coin.  With the image of our mascot Fern and his mates driving the iconic Melbourne tram on the front and the flip side being the brand new Geocaching Victoria logo this coin represents excellent value for money.  The coin comes in hardened enamel with black nickel sides, each one comes with its own unique tracking code so you can put it out in the wild and experience its adventures, or simply add it to your collection of mementos.  For more information, or to purchase one of these great coins, follow this link.

setAnd don’t forget pathtags.  We’ve had a number of people snapping up the $15 trading set of pathtags lately.  These trading sets mean you get 5 of the same pathtag and then at the MEGA event you can trade with others to make up the full set.  We’ve made it a LOT easier this year to trade as we will be providing badges so other pathtag traders can recognize that you are looking to trade and which pathtags you are trading.  This is of course the whole point of pathtags, to trade them with others.  But of course, if you really want to just skip the whole trading thing, we have an option for that too.  For just $25 you can buy a fully made up, complete set of these pathtags.  To purchase either of these sets, just follow this link.

volunteersFor the last couple of announcements we have put out the word that we are looking for volunteers to help us with all the back end of this event.  Our volunteers man the admin desks, look after the log book, sell raffle tickets, direct traffic, manage any 1st aid that might be required, or maybe just take some of the many internationals who are attending out on caching runs.  There is a myriad of jobs that we have for our volunteers and we have been pleasantly surprised with the number of people who have put their hand up to say that they would like to help.  But of course many hands make light work, so if you think you could help out, even for just a few hours on one of the days, it would be greatly appreciated.  As we have said before, we understand that plans sometimes change and we won’t be holding anyone to anything, we really just need a good idea of who might be available to help out.  You can register your interest in volunteering for this event by filling out the registration form by following this link.

bunningsIn further exciting news we have ANOTHER new sponsor come on board.  The Bunnings store in Brunswick, the nearest Bunnings store to the GZ of the Parkville Event 2018 has come on board as a sponsor and we couldn’t be happier.  Bunnings obviously stocks a lot of different stuff that is used in geocaching, in particularly in the creation of geocaches so we think this is an excellent fit for our event.  They join our many other minor sponsors, pathtags.com, McDonalds, Coca Cola and the Melbourne City Council and they join in with our wonderful MAJOR sponsors, geocaching.com, cachly and geostuff to make everything that we have planned actually happen. This is vitally important because every one of the MEGA events, as well as every normal event that Geocaching Victoria has ever held, is always and will always be completely 100% free to attend.  It is only with the support of these great companies that we are able to do this, so a BIG thank you to all of our sponsors!

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024And whilst we are on the topic of sponsors, one of our major sponsors, geostuff is still the only place that you can go to get the official t-shirt for The Parkville Event 2018.  Available in men’s women’s and kid’s sizes these great t-shirts have our mascot Fern dressed up in his zoo keeper outfit and will be very popular around the event.  You can check these out alongside a huge range of products relating to all sorts of location based games and also purchase these at geostuff’s on line store, by following this linkNote: All orders are pre-orders for either delivery or pick up at the store when stock arrives or for pick up at The Parkville Event, 2018 on the weekend of the event.

Wow, the lead up events just keep coming.  On the day of our last BLOG posts (15th April), there were two Lead Up events.  The first one was in Latrobe, Tasmania (GC7HNQX) which was held for us by the wonderful 2y’stassies.  An amazing 22 teams turned up to this lead up event in a small country town in Tasmania including a few teams from the mainland and plenty of teams coming up from Hobart as well, so an extremely successful event and a big thanks to 2y’stassies!

Also on the same day as our last BLOG post was a lead up event held for us by Ostra74 in Bergen, Norway (GC7KCBF).  Although there are no photos from the event, the weather seems to have been a mild 17 degrees with plenty of sunshine.  According to the 11 attended logs, run through a google translator, there was a boomerang throwing competition as well as a few other competitions too.  Thanks to Ostra74 for holding this event for us.


GC7JVTQ – The Warrnambool Lead Up Event.

The next lead up event was back closer to home in Warrnambool, Victoria on the 21st of April (GC7JVTQ) where only 6 teams turned up on a lovely Saturday morning in the western district of Victoria.  The weather was great and the company was nice.  A nice chat about everything geocaching ensues as it often does before everyone continued on with their weekend caching.  A big thanks to LouiseAnn for heading down to Warnambool and holding this event for us.


GC7MHYC – The Munich Lead Up Event – Kangaroo Races

The next day on the 22nd of April, near Munich Germany an Australian themed lead up event (GC7MHYC) was held for us by our good friend Theatralis.  They had kangaroo races (read sack races) where people bounced from one end of the field to another in true kangaroo style.  They had a selection of foods which of course included tim tams and ANZAC biscuits.  The weather again was perfect and it appears that all the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The BIG news that came out of this one in regards to Australian MEGA events is that the original Steve’s Hat trackable finally resurfaced here in Germany.  Steve’s hat belongs to Steve (Clever Monkey) a local geocacher who has had an enormous amount of involvement in the MEGA events held in Australia.  In 2015 during the lead up to the first Victorian MEGA, Steve accidentally left it behind and Lex (skullracing) nabbed it and turned it into a trackable.  With a goal to go on some grand adventures the hat went across Australia to SA and WA.  It made its way to Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand and even Hawaii before being handed to Theatralis before she went back packing around Asia and then back home to Germany. Unfortunately Theatralis is a little behind on her logging, but it is good to see that this iconic trackable is still around and hopefully going to start making its way back to Australia soon. A big thanks to Theatralis for all the effort that she put in to holding this event!


GC7MHYC – The Munich Lead Up Event – A selection of food

And then on ANZAC day on the 25th of April, in Prague, Czech Republic, our jet-setting Australian geocacher, Earthbound Chief, held another lead up event for us (GC7HKBK).  Except he didn’t.  Circumstances beyond his control meant that he was again unable to attend his own event and unfortunately had to archive his event the day before.  But, how amazing are the Czech people?  One geocacher, StavrosNiarchos took it upon themselves to create a log book and head down to GZ anyway.  Just as well too because 13 other teams turned up and even though again it was in the absence of the official event holder they all appeared to have a wonderful time on location in beautiful weather.  A BIG thanks to local Czech cacher StavrosNiarchos who went above and beyond to help out with this event.  THANKYOU!


GC7HKBK – The Czech Lead Up Event (Prague)

And they just keep coming too.  Yesterday we had two further lead up events, the first in Berlin, Germany and then one in Darwin, Northern Territory.  We will bring you all the information on these two events in our next BLOG post.  Until then we also have 2 events on the 5th of May, one in Gothenburg, Sweden and then one in Paris, France.  We also have another on the 11th of May in Singapore too.  You can check out the full list of lead up events by following this link.

draft3Also, just a reminder that there is still beds available at the actual event site.  Not only is Urban camp a wonderful venue to host this MEGA, with a large hall for the registration areas and conference rooms for the information sessions, it also has sleeping for up to 100 people and you can be one of those by purchasing 2 night accommodation at the event location for just $130 (that’s only $65 a night).  The cost is similar to that of a back packer hostels, but without the smells and the unknown weirdos in the bunk next to you.  Plus there is a whole host of bonuses that are only available to those people who are staying with us during the MEGA and you get to be at the MEGA site from the moment you wake and open your door to the moment you finally retire to your bed.  You can purchase your accommodation at the site by following this link.

And now we move on to this BLOG posts geocache(s) of the fortnight.  And this is one for those of you who like to get number of types in a day.  A MEGA event is always a good excuse to see if you can up the number of types of geocaches that you can achieve in a single day.  A MEGA not only enables you to get the elusive MEGA icon (Parkville will be only the 9th MEGA event ever held in Australia), but it also helps you get the LAB cache icon too as LAB caches are generally only available at MEGA events.  There are usually a few other normal events and CITOs held in conjunction with the MEGA event so these icons are usually easy enough to come across too.  Fortunately, The Parkville Event 2018 is in a very cache dense area where there are still plenty of the old virtuals around as well as a couple of the newer “rewards” virtuals as well so this plus an earthcache at Parkville are quite easy to achieve.  Also, the organizing committee have been hard at work making sure there is a good range of traditionals, multi caches, puzzles, wherigos and letterboxes for people to grab whilst they are in the area. 

So that makes 11 different types of geocaches that are reasonably easy to achieve whilst attending The Parkville Event, 2018.  But from there to get to 12 you need to grab a webcam and the nearest webcam is Rhinogeo’s Spirit of the Skier (GCMJ2J) on the top of Mt Buller, 150 kilometres away.  But what if we told you it’s not?  What if we told you that there have just been 10 new webcams created around Melbourne and that the nearest one to the GZ of the MEGA is less than 3 kilometres away?  Well that would make getting 12 different cache types in a day a LOT easier.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  You see over on the Geocaching Australia site, where these 10 new webcams are listed, they have even more cache types.  Including History caches, Burke&Wills caches, geocacher caches, trigpoint caches, locationless caches, gadget caches, reverse caches, podcache caches, beacon caches, dedicated night caches and they even still have the moveable cache type aswell So using GCA caches it is possible to achieve more than 20 different cache types in a day!  Therefore, this BLOG post’s geocache(s) of the fortnight are the 10 new webcam caches put out by ahomburg on the GCA site.  You can find the links to them all below and if you’re looking at increasing the number of different cache types you can find in a day over the MEGA weekend, then GCA can make that challenge a lot more interesting.

So that wraps up another fortnightly BLOG post.  The excitement for this event is certainly building as it promises to be a MEGA event like no other held in Australia before.  We love the interest that is being shown in this event from all over the world and we look forward to putting on an event that will be talked about not just around Australia but all around the world.  Thank you to all the people who have already volunteered, to the sponsors who are helping make it all happen and to the many people who are already helping out behind the scenes. 

Kind Regards

The Parkville Event 2018 Organizing Committee.

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