Important Announcement regarding our CITO at Braeside Park

This is an important announcement regarding the CITO that Geocaching Victoria is running in conjunction with Parks Victoria at Braeside Park on Saturday the 28th of April.  Parks Victoria has asked if, as well as cleaning up litter in the park, we could also attempt some of the following tasks…

  • Mulch spreading.
  • Tree Guard and tree guard game reclamation – recycling
  • Painting of Park Signs and staining of tree art pieces.
  • Trail Maintenance.

 Of course, Geocaching Victoria said “Yes”

That means, more than ever, Geocaching Victoria would like to get your help in not only sprucing up Braeside Park, but also help develop a strong bond between the geocaching community of Victoria and the good people at Parks Victoria.

Geocaching Victoria and Parks Victoria will provide all the necessary tools for the jobs required, we just need bodies to turn up and lend a hand.  So, to add extra incentive, you can earn yourself a souvenir for turning up to the CITO, and if souvenirs don’t float your boat, we’re also offering a free bacon and egg breakfast beforehand, to give you plenty of energy to get you through the morning.

You can check out all the details and what is required at our event page by following the below link.

We look forward to seeing you all at Braeside Park on April 28 so we can show the people at Parks Victoria how much geocachers care about our parks and gardens.

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