UPDATE – The Parkville Event 2018 – 3/4/2018

And yet again another fortnight roles around and we now find ourselves with 228 days until The Parkville Event 2018 kicks off and as always, your planning committee have been busy working towards making this one spectacular MEGA event.

Can holderBefore we get too far into this BLOG post though, we would like to take some time to congratulate the OZ Geomuster committee and all the people involved in last weekend’s OZ Geomuster in NSW.  It was a beautifully presented MEGA event that was a LOT of fun.  A number of the Parkville Event 2018 organizing committee attended and besides having a very enjoyable time we have all walked away with greater inspirations for The Parkville Event too.  The amount of excitement that The OZ Geomuster has created and the amount of fun that all who attended experienced is a credit to the organizing committee.  For those of you who did attend, make sure you hold on to the Parkville Event 2018 drink holder that you got in your registration pack at the Geomuster.  Bring it and the little card that was inside it along to The Parkville Event 2018 and get yourself a matching bottle opener for free as well.  Now, how’s that for incentive to get to both MEGAs?

volunteersLast fortnight we put our first call out for volunteers for The Parkville Event 2018 and as always we are amazed at the number of people who put their hand up and say “Yep, I can help you guys out”.  Volunteers are the back bone of our events and without them the Victorian MEGA events just would not run.  “Many hands make light work”, as they say and we can always use more volunteers on the weekend.  Usually it’s just for a few hours on the day of your choice and can be everything from manning the registration desk, to helping out with parking, ferrying people and things to places, whatever you feel good and comfortable at.  At this stage we are of course just seeking expressions of interest, so we won’t be holding you to anything if your plans changes.  If you think you could help us out too, please follow this link and fill out the volunteers registration form.

setStill available for sale is our set of pathtags.  These are 5 beautiful pathtags, each depicting iconic Melbourne buildings in and around the Melbourne CBD.  Designed by our good friends at Ozglory Designs you can buy a trading set of pathtags for only $15 where you get 5 of the same pathtag and then you can trade with others during the event to make up the complete set.  Trading has been made easier this year too as you will receive a special badge that you can display that will make you instantly recognizable to other pathtag traders as to which pathtags you are currently seeking.  Or, if you want to just skip the whole trading pathtags thing, you can purchase an entire set of the 5 individual pathtags for $25.  Follow this link to have a better look at the designs and order your set of pathtags today.

TRAM COINAlso selling well is our standard design geocoin.  The design of the front of this coin (to the left) was available for people to see and purchase from day 1 of the announcement of The Parkville Event.  It’s amazing to think, that so many people have already purchased this coin without even seeing the other side of it!  But today is the big reveal.  CoinBackPictured alongside (to the right) is the new design that will be the flip side of all our future round coins.  Obviously we have been waiting for the new Geocaching Victoria logo to be finalized and have it made into a coin format, but we are very pleased of the results.  This very special geocoin is available for purchase for only $16 at our webstore by following this link.  But we hear you say, “What about the Limited Edition shaped coin, what does the back of that look like?”  Well the Limited Edition coin has a new design for the back as well, but you will need to wait until next fortnight’s BLOG post to see that, so stay tuned…

A few months ago we talked in one of our BLOG posts about travel options of getting to the Parkville Event 2018 and the different methods of getting yourself around geocaching whilst attending this event.  Of course we realize that this event is very close to the CBD of Melbourne and with that comes traffic issues.  However these are not insurmountable problems so if you’re a little worried about these issues, here are some points that might help you get around the area easier and help you enjoy the MEGA event more.

    • If you live in Melbourne, instead of driving to the event, consider taking public transport, there are tram stops and train stations only a few hundred meters from the GZ of this MEGA event, and if you live close enough, definitely consider riding your bike.
    • If you are driving from outside of Melbourne and don’t like the hustle and bustle of the inner city, consider parking at one of the secure car parks near the outlying train stations and catch a train in.  Once you are in the city and have your myki card for the day, your options of getting around via public transport are very good.
    • If you are still set on driving but worried about parking, don’t be.  There are hundreds of parking spots about 200 meters away at the State Netball and Hockey Centre and they are all absolutely free, so no parking fees and no parking fines!
    • Instead of driving around to get caches definitely consider catching public transport, there are plenty of good options in the inner Melbourne area.  Or, consider bringing along a bike and riding.  There are many really great bike trails that snake out from the MEGA site which already have plenty of geocaches along them and there are certainly more planned in the future.  Check out our page that gives some details on the over 800 geocaches that are within just 12 kilometres of the MEGA site.
    • If you are one of the many people staying at the MEGA site overnight who are coming in from outside of Victoria, consider taking up the option of free pick up from the airport, just send us an email to let us know your flight details.
    • If you have any other queries regarding the Parkville Event 2018, you can check out our FAQ page, and if you have no joy there, please feel free to email us your query.

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024Our friends at Geostuff continue to sell the official The Parkville Event 2018 t-shirts and they are the only place that you can buy them.  Available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes, these t-shirts display our mascot, Fern in his little zoo keeper uniform and is available with customisation to include your team name and tracking codes if you so wish.  You can check these out and purchase them by following this link.  Note: All orders are pre-orders for either delivery or pick up at the store when stock arrives or for pick up at The Parkville Event, 2018 on the weekend of the event.

And as always, we would like to thank our major sponsors, Geostuff, Cachly and geocaching.com who have all been very generous in their support for our event. 

So there were no lead up events anywhere in the world over the last fortnight, but for those who are interested, there are four in the next two weeks.  The first on the 7th of April in Perth, Western Australia is GC7JPK6, then it is all the way to the other side of the world in Boston, USA on the very next day, the 8th of April where it is GC7HKAN, and then we are back in Australia on the 15th of April in Latrobe, Tasmania for GC7HNQX, followed later in the same day in Bergen, Norway for GC7KCBF.  It’s been great to see the level of excitement that these events have created, not just in Australia but also all around the world.  We know it has brought some awareness to the international geocaching community of the fun things we Australia geocachers get up to and maybe might lead to a few more international visitors making their way down to explore our corner of the world and find some geocaches in the Southern Hemisphere.

We realize that a lot of these BLOG posts sometimes contain a LOT of information.  There are literally that many different things planned and organized for this event, it’s sometimes hard to keep up.  So we’d like to do a little recap on some of the cool things that have been announced over the last few months that you may have missed out on.

  • Accommodation is definitely available still at the MEGA site.  Accommodation includes two nights staying at Urban Camp in Parkville where you will be right on the door step of this exciting MEGA event.  Prices for one bed start at only $130 (that’s just $65 per night) and include a range of extras, including free pick up from the airport, early registration and a range of fun, exciting activities that are planned only for those who are staying with us.  With plenty more extras still to be announced for those who stay with us at Urban Camp over the weekend of the MEGA, be sure to join the ever growing community who will be having the most fun at this MEGA by checking out the accommodation options using this link.
  • A couple of months ago we put out the intended schedule for this event and it is still available by following this link.  We felt it was important for people to be able to see the schedule early so they can better plan which days they would like to attend, when they can go caching and maybe when they might be available to volunteer.
  • Every year the Victorian MEGA chooses a charity that we would like to support and raise funds for through our MEGA event.  A little while ago we announced that our chosen charity for 2018 was Ronald McDonald House.  Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent charity that helps families of seriously ill children.  They help keep families together and close to the care their child needs.  The Ronald McDonald House in Parkville provides a “home away from home” for the families of seriously ill children being treated at the nearby Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville.  Throughout the lead up and during The Parkville Event 2018, Geocaching Victoria will be raising much needed funds for this very worthwhile charity.
  • One of the most successful ways that we have raised money for our chosen charity in the past has been by raffling off the exclusive right to call yourself the FTF of our MEGA event.  Every year at registration attendees have had the option to purchase a ticket in the raffle for the FTF and this year will be no different, however, to avoid the queues and to get in early you can pre-purchase your tickets in this raffle by following this link.
  • It was announced late last year, but we thought we’d bring it to everyone’s attention again. Both Signal and Fern have already booked their “Will Attends” with The Parkville Event 2018 so if you want a selfie with either Signal the Frog, the geocaching.com mascot or with Fern the Geocaching Victoria mascot, or maybe both, then make sure you get to The Parkville Event 2018 for just that opportunity.
  • The immensely successful and a lots of fun, Victorian Geocaching Tournament that was one of the real highlights of The Surf Coast Event 2016 will be making a well anticipated return.  Further details on this will be forthcoming in future BLOG posts, so keep an eye out as this will definitely be worthwhile.

And as always, we would like to highlight our cache(s) of the fortnight and this time we are going to blow our own trumpet a little as many of you may have realized a small series of 10 caches came out entitled “Escape from the Zoo”.  These ones are dotted all around the many bike trails and walking tracks that snake out from the MEGA event location and are the first of many geocache publications that we have planned for the entire area, so watch out for plenty more new publications of all geocache types over the coming months.  The Escape from the Zoo series encourages you to find the 10 animals that have escaped from the zoo and are hiding out, waiting for our MEGA event.  It is a fun series produced by the very clever Robmc and we hope you all thoroughly enjoy the work that he has put into this and the many more that we have in the pipeline.  If you would like to check them out, they are:

If you haven’t caught up with it, all the Geocaches of the Fortnight and many other cool caches are listed on a page on our website, so if you want to plan you geocaching adventures whilst attending The Parkville Event 2018 and visit some choice geocaches, then follow this link to see that page.

Once again The Parkville Event 2018 organizing committee and The Geocaching Victoria committee would like to thank everyone who has so far been involved with the process of getting this event up and running.  The many people who are already behind the scenes helping out where they can, will insure this is going to be one very memorable event.  Thank you to you all and we all look forward to seeing you in Parkville in November.

Happy Caching!


2 thoughts on “UPDATE – The Parkville Event 2018 – 3/4/2018

  1. Having organised an international music conference in the past, I know how much thought and work goes into it. Looks like you are on track! I am not sure what I can offer for the event; but here’s a thought. The nearest bicycle hire that I know of is Velo: 815 Nicholson Street, Carlton North
    Phone: (03) 9381 0088; you might try Ray’s on Sydney Rd as well. It might be possible to work a deal, or arrangement of some kind. Also some of our international visitors may not be aware of our stupid helmet laws – a significant fine for breach. Might be worth picking up a few of the $5 “Melbourne” bike share lids – 7/11 in the city, and a dispenser at Melb Uni last time looked.

    best, John Handley (RiddleyWalker)

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