UPDATE – The Parkville Event 2018 – 13/5/2018

And so another fortnight roles around and it is now less than 200 days until The Parkville Event, 2018.  More precisely, it is now 188 days until the big event and so it is time for another BLOG post to update everyone on all the stuff going on behind the scene in the lead up to this MEGA event and to let you all know what you can expect at this exciting location.

FTFThe first thing that we would like to mention is that the sale of the FTF tickets is going wonderfully, with over 80 tickets sold in the FTF raffle so far, and we assume many more to come, this is proving to be a great way to raise funds for our chosen charity, The Ronald McDonald House in Parkville.  So if you are a FTF hound, or you just want to support a really great charity, then you can go in the draw to earn the right to call yourself the FTFer of The Parkville Event, 2018.  All proceeds from the raffle go to Ronald McDonald House in Parkville. You can purchase your tickets in this wonderful raffle by following this link!

nykkoleIn some other exciting news, the “Will Attends” just keep rolling in.  But one “Will Attend” log has stood out to us a little more than some of the others this week.  We are very excited that for the third year in a row a Lackey from Geocaching HQ will be attending the MEGA event here in Victoria.  Nykkole logged a “Will Attend” a few days ago and we very much look forward to having her join us and to show her what a fantastic MEGA event we put on in the great state of Victoria.

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024Also, don’t forget that there is still one place and one place only where you can get your official The Parkville Event t-shirts.  That’s right, Geostuff, the home of all things to do with location based gaming is the only place that you can get these wonderful t-shirts.  These t-shirts come in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes and have our little mascot Fern in his favourite zoo keeper outfit.  Custom embroidery options are also available for you to include your personal team name and tracking code on each t-shirt and starting from less than $36 this represents amazing value for money.  You can check out the range by following this link and remember; all orders are pre-orders for either delivery or pick up at the store when stock arrives or for pick up at The Parkville Event, 2018 on the weekend of the event.

Of course Geostuff is one of our major sponsors and we would like to thank them as well as our other major sponsors, Cachly and geocaching.com who through providing the finances has allowed us to continue the wonderful tradition of providing an annual MEGA event that is absolutely free to attend.  No cost attendance for not just our MEGA events, but for every event that we run, is something Geocaching Victoria has strived to do ever since our inception way back in 2014.  We are only ever able to do this through raising funds by the sale of merchandise and of course our generous sponsors.

ClearWatersEventAnd while we are on the topic of sponsors, we have yet another exciting new sponsor who has jumped on board.   The Parkville Event 2018 and Geocaching Victoria are pleased to announce our new sponsor, The Clear Waters Geocaching event set for Easter 2019 in Queanbeyan, is our new Sponsor.  The Clear Waters event can be found by following this link, GC7MVHE and is now published and open for Will Attends.  Located just 1 km from the nation’s capital of Canberra, it’s expected to be a caching event not to be missed with thousands of local cache hides, tourism highlights, 4WD regions, and 5 days at the event site starting Thursday 20th April, 2019.  The website will be available in the near future for registrations, camping and powered site bookings, official Geocoin sales and meal details.  As well as details on pathtag sets, the daily itinerary, and all the activities based around the greater Canberra region.  All the Canberra geocaching teams are looking forward to your attendance and welcoming you to Queanbeyan and Canberra.  More updates will be here on the event FB page by following this link.  How very exciting and of course Geocaching Victoria wish the OZ MEGA committee and all the geoaching teams associated with this event the very best of luck with what certainly promises to be a very exciting event next Easter.


But back now to Parkville where our MEGA event is being held at the amazing Urban Camp.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Urban Camp, it is a wonderful place that has a goal of “bringing together the country and the city in a unique camping experience”.  Urban camp is designed for sporting and community groups who want to visit Melbourne and explore Melbourne’s cultural, educational and recreational attractions.  With a large hall area that will be used as the main focus for the event plus a number of conference rooms that will be being used for the many information sessions that we have planned, as well as free parking only 200 meters away and of course easy access to the public transport network and bike paths, Urban Camp has presented an ideal space for this Geocaching MEGA event.  Plus, we are able to offer accommodation for anyone who wants to stay right at GZ and be amongst the excitement from dawn to dusk all weekend for a price that’s comparable to a back-packers hostel, but of course without the funny smells.  Accommodation starts at just $130 for the weekend (that’s just $65 a night) and includes early registration so you don’t have to wait in line on Saturday morning, free pick up from the airport if you are flying in from overseas or interstate as well as a host of other exciting bonuses.  You can book your accommodation by following this link.  Also, if you would like to learn more about the Urban Camp venue, you can follow this link to their website where there is lots of information and photos.

Lawn7LargerBut this MEGA event isn’t going to be just confined to the Urban Camp building anymore either.  It has been confirmed that one of our newest sponsors, the Melbourne City Council have approved Geocaching Victoria to use the entire of Lawn 7 at Royal Park for the weekend of the MEGA event.  As can be seen in the map to the left, shaded in grey, Lawn 7 extends from all around the Urban Camp venue across the expanse of park south of the State Netball and Hockey centre all the way to the tram line and down to Elliot Avenue.  It is a huge gesture for the MCC to allow us to use this space and really opens up the possibilities that we can explore with regards to the Victorian Geocaching Tournament that is making a welcome return, the LAB caches that will be available and of course hosting our traditional Saturday night event that is always VERY exciting.  All this will mean that Urban Camp and the parkland directly surrounding it will be the focus of the MEGA event for the entire weekend, so if you’re looking for a place to stay that is going to be easy to get back to following all the fun of the day, then Urban Camp is the place to be.

setJust a quick mention too that the standard geocoin, limited edition geocoin and pathtags are still available at our webstore.  The standard geocoin represents excellent value for money at only $16, the pathtags are available in either a trading set for $15 where you get 5 of the same pathtag and then you can trade with others during the event to obtain a full set, or you can purchase the full set for $25.  The pathtags were designed by Gloria from ozglory.  Also, the Limited Edition shaped geocoin is available in limited numbers too.  You can purchase any (or all) of these by following this link to our webstore.

And now onto our lead up events that are still causing a nice stir all around the world.  There have now been 25 lead up events held with plenty more still planned.  Not only have these events been held all around Victoria but so far also in Western Australia, Tasmania, NSW and the Northern Territory.  We have also had lead up events in New Zealand, USA, UK, Italy, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, France and Singapore, so we are really trying to show the rest of the world how fantastic our MEGA events are here in Australia.

Since our last BLOG post, there have been 5 new lead up events run.  The first, GC7HKFK, in Berlin Germany on Saturday the 28th of April was held by our travelling committee member, Earthbound Chief where unfortunately only 4 teams turned up, but it would seem that Earthbound Chief made some nice new German friends who were all very excited about the prizes and giveaways provided by Geocaching Victoria.  The weather was again fantastic, which it has been for most of our lead up events this year and an Australian flag made an appearance.

Berlin, Germany

GC7HKFK – The Berlin Lead Up event.

The next event was a little closer to home, but still quite a distance away in Darwin, Northern Territory.  GC7JHT5 was held by our good friends, corunnaroad on the Nightcliff foreshore on the morning of Saturday the 28th of April.  Given this was the 87th event ever held in the Northern Territory and about the 36th ever held in Darwin, we think the turnout of 4 teams (the same as what we got in Berlin, Germany) is fantastic!

Then, all the way back to Europe in Sweden, our good friend Ingabo (who has already logged a Will Attend for Parkville and has their accommodation and flights booked) hosted an event, GC7JA3M, for us on the morning of the 5th of May.  As always the weather held off and a number of teams enjoyed a boomerang throwing competition and according to all the logs on the listing, throwing boomerangs is much harder than it was demonstrated in the you tube videos!  Look out for Ingabo at The Parkville Event 2018 MEGA, he has just topped 73,800 finds and has plenty more planned before he arrives in Australia later this year!


GC7JA3M – The Swedish Lead Up Event

Still in Europe, on the same day, in the city of love, Paris, France and our intrepid committee member Earthbound Chief held another small event, GC7HKF2 in what was described as a beautiful Parisian morning.  Only 3 teams turned up, but Earthbound Chief provided valuable lessons to the local geocaching community on getting the Australian accent right so they will all be ready when they make their way to Melbourne for The Parkville Event.

Paris, France

GC7HKF2 – The Paris Lead Up Event

Finally, on Friday the 11th of May in the busy city of Singapore, Earthbound Chief once again held a lead up event for us, GC7HKGE in the heart of this massive city.  Expectantly our intrepid traveller set up at GZ, but unfortunately the turnout was as dismal as an event once held on the Nullarbor Plain in the middle of the Australia desert back in 2016 with only the event holder actually turning up.  We would of course still like to thank Earthbound Chief for all his effort in not only this event but all the events he has held across the world for us during his travels.

In the coming couple of weeks we still have plenty more lead up events planned.  Much closer to home in the Melbourne suburb of Wyndham Vale we have GC7NDHK which will be held on the morning of Saturday the 19th of May by our committee member, ahomburg.  Then on Sunday the 20th of May our friend and massive supporter, ozglory is holding an event, GC7N1EX, in their hometown of Kempsey in NSW. And finally, back overseas again and this time into another new country, our friends Diego and Dora are hosting an event, GC7JW1Q, for us in Newfoundland in Canada on Sunday the 27th of May.  We look forward to all the logs and pictures from these events too.

And finally we move on to the geocache(s) of the fortnight and this time we are returning to the ever increasing series of geocaches being put out along the bike trails and walking tracks that snake out from the MEGA event location.  So far we have seen traditional caches, multi caches and some challenge caches appearing in this series of geocaches, but on Saturday the 29th of April we saw the first of the letterbox hybrid caches get published.  4 letter box hybrids that explore different areas of Melbourne but which are all easily accessible from the many bike tracks and walking trails in the area, so no driving required.  One letterbox from sharkiefan, one from day1976 and two from Robmc these all show the various different styles and types that a letterbox hybrid can be and of course go a long way towards providing a varied caching experience for anyone attending the Parkville Event 2018 MEGA in November.  The new letter box caches are…

This brings the total geocaches within the 12 kilometres of GZ of the MEGA event to 885, which includes 19 earth caches, now 12 letterbox hybrids, 154 multi caches, 554 traditional caches, 10 virtuals and 6 wherigos.  With plenty more new caches still in the pipeline, this number is sure to grow further.

Just before we go though, we would like to remind everyone that Geocaching Victoria has already started looking for people who may want to participate in next years Melbourne Trailwalker Event to raise funds for the Oxfam Charity. This is an event that we have a proud history supporting and we will do so again in 2019. Full details can be found by reading our previous BLOG post one the subject.

Once again Geocaching Victroria and the Parkville Event organizing committee would like to thank everyone who is contributing towards this event.  The amount of effort that is being put in by all sections of the geocaching community, not just in Victoria, but all around Australia and all around the world is amazing.  Thankyou one and all and we hope to see you all in Parkville in November.  Until the next BLOG post, happy caching!



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