UPDATE – The Parkville Event 2018 – 28/6/2018

Ok so we are a little behind with our updates but that’s because there is so much happening behind the scenes. Want to know what? Read on to find out more!

Hopefully a few of you have seen our event which is this coming Saturday the 30th of June, GC7NZGK, A gathering in Brunswick.. Our newest sponsor, Bunnings, is letting us run a traditional Bunnings BBQ at the Bunnings store in Brunswick to help raise funds for the upcoming MEGA event, The Parkville Event 2018. The actual geocaching event will run from 11am to 1pm, but we will be there from about 9am through until 4pm cooking and selling sausages. We would love everybody to come down to the Bunnings store in Brunswick and have a sausage to help support this MEGA event. If you can donate some time on the day by volunteering to help with the cooking and selling of some sausages please email info@geocachingvictoria.com.au ASAP!


Speaking of events did you know that the traditional Saturday Night event at the MEGA has now been published? See: GC7QBMC, The Parkville Saturday Night BBQ . Over the years we have developed a fine tradition of putting on a darn good feed on the Saturday night of our MEGA event and this year will be no exception. Held on the lawns outside of the Urban Camp, this BBQ will centre around some great BBQ food, plenty of conversation, fun and games as well as the presentation of some awards and geocoins. The recognition of some milestone that people have achieved is always nice to share with everybody, and of course the announcement of the new inductees to the now highly regarded Australian Geocacher Hall of Fame will take place. Make sure you log your will attend for catering purposes.


Now onto something everybody loves – GeoArt! Did you spot the 50 new puzzle #geocaches in the shape of Victoria which have just been published in and around the Parkville area? The puzzles have been created by a bunch of different cache owners across the state and throughout Australia and range from (relatively) easy to very very hard! There are still First to Finds (FTFs) up for grabs so get solving!


Speaking of FTF’s the sale of the FTF Tickets is going well. Don’t forget to buy your tickets as this raffle supports the amazing work done at Ronald McDonald House in Parkville. So if you are a FTF hound, or you just want to support a really great charity, then you can go in the draw to earn the right to call yourself the FTFer of The Parkville Event, 2018. You can purchase your tickets in this wonderful raffle by following this link!


Last blog post we mentioned a bonus coin for those staying onsite at Urban Camp. Spots have been filling so if you’ve been thinking about getting a bed at Urban Camp for the weekend of the MEGA, then it’s time to hurry up.  There are only a limited number of beds available and for a price similar to a backpackers hostel (but without the weird smells) you can not only get a bed on location of this fabulous MEGA event for the whole weekend, but you also get

  • Free pick up from the airport if you are coming in from overseas or interstate
  • Early registration on the Friday so you can avoid the long queues on the Saturday morning
  • Having the MEGA event at your doorstep for the entire weekend
  • PLUS now you get a super cool and super cute, and let’s not forget VERY limited edition, GEOCOIN which you can show off to all your geocaching friends.

How awesome is that!  Prices for a bed start at just $130 for the weekend (that’s just $65 a night) they can be booked by following this link.

victoria parkville

It is at this point that we would like to thank all of our sponsors who have at some stage and in some way lent us a hand to help put this event on.  Bunnings, The City of Melbourne, McDonalds, pathtags.com, Coca Cola, The Clear Water Event in Queanbeyan and of course our MAJOR sponsors, Geostuff, Cachly and geocaching.com.  As always we would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions that these sponsors make towards helping us put this event on and to keep it absolutely FREE for all those who attend.

Onto the Lead Up Events! Our friends Diego and Dora in Newfoundland in Canada held an event on May 27th(GC7JW1Q). There was a decent turnout of 12 geocaching teams and even a little kangaroo made an appearance!

newfoundland event

Committee member carkisser held an event in Mildura on the June 9th as part of the long weekend (GC7P50Y).  There were 5 geocaching teams present who chatted and enjoyed learning tips and tricks off other people.  

mildura event

Committee member BernieH held an event in Vanuatu  on June 27th (GC7FHZD). There was a small turnout of only 3 geocaching teams but by all accounts the conversation was good and the ice cream was yummy!

vanuatu event

There are a few lead up events in the next few weeks:

June 30th – Adelaide, Australia GC7N9BR

July 3rd – Madrid, Spain GC7QBKH

July 8th – Reykjavik, Iceland GC7NYND

July 14th – Ballarat, Australia GC7QBN4

July 21st – Murray Bridge, Australia GC7RE65

You can check out even more upcoming lead up events by following this link.

And finally we move on to the geocache(s) of the fortnight and this time we are returning to the ever increasing range of geocaches that have been put out as part of this MEGA.  So far we have seen traditional caches, multi caches, letterbox hybrid caches, geoart and some challenge caches appearing. Now it’s time to highlight some new Wherigo caches. And the best thing about these Wherigo’s are that they are “play anywhere” cartridges. This means that you don’t need to be onsite to enjoy them. You can spend time at home working through the cartridges and then pick up the cache when you are down at the MEGA. How cool is that!  The new Wherigo caches are…

GC7FWZ4, Parkville Wherigo 1: Haunted House

GC7G5M6, Parkville Wherigo 2: Forbidden Island


Once again Geocaching Victroria and the Parkville Event organizing committee would like to thank everyone who is contributing towards this event.  The amount of effort that is being put in by all sections of the geocaching community, not just in Victoria, but all around Australia and all around the world is amazing.  Thankyou one and all and we hope to see you all in Parkville in November.  Until the next BLOG post, happy caching!


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