A very sad farewell

I have just had a phone call from Ian. The doctors have completed scans on Shelby again today and unfortunately they don’t bring good news.

Though there is a 1% chance over the next 24 hours, a miracle chance, doctors believe that Shelby is no longer with us. Her brain function is not positive, and the rest of her body is starting to shut down.

Ian invites anyone who wishes to say goodbye to Shelby in person to go to Clayton Monash ICU – 3rd Floor. There is a phone outside the door to use to be let in.
Ian expresses many thanks for all of the messages and calls he has received.
Ian plans to sit with Shell for the next 24 hours, soaking up the sight of her beside him, before she leaves him forever.
Doctors say that Shelby may not make it overnight, so if you want to visit, tonight is your time.

Thankfully, Ian has amazing memories of time with his beloved, including a lovely joyful week in the days prior to this tragedy.
Ian is a broken man and our thoughts and love go out to him and their two boys.

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