Shelby’s Send Off

With the assistance of Classic Funerals, Ian has arranged Shelbys Funeral service for next Thursday 31st October at the Boyd Chapel at the Springvale Cemetery at 3.30pm. Ian and their Sons will have a private burial the next day.

A celebration of Shelbys life will be held afterwards, at the home of Mark and Diane (Team Crackers) in Berwick. The bbq will be fired up for snags in bread, so make sure to let them know if you’re planning to attend, so they can sort out the catering. (send a message to Spook Pyro)

It’s also a BYO chair event. Ian plans to make this a celebration of Shelbys life and hopes people will send him photos they have of Shell to put into his slideshows. Ian also invites anyone who’d like to share funny stories about Shell to do so.

People have asked about dress code , but Ian hasn’t had a chance to respond yet  I feel pretty confident in saying, if you want to wear bright colours, Shelby would love it, and so will Ian. Bright colours go with the celebration.


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