The St Arnaud Event – 3 weeks to go

Welcome to The St Arnaud Event update. Can you believe there is only 3 WEEKS TO GO? The committee are working behind the scenes to bring you the best MEGA event we can – all for FREE! Remember to REGISTER HERE by logging a “Will Attend” as this year we will be crossing off names at the event to ensure everyone who registered early gets their FREE gift.

It’s also important that you log your “will attend” on any other events you plan to attend. At the Saturday Night event we are providing each attendee with a Roast Beef Roll but if you haven’t logged a “will attend” here you will miss out! Rotary will also be selling sausages so bring a chair and some loose change!

Check out the full Schedule so you can plan your weekend.

Official Shirts – LAST CHANCE TO ORDER

Official St Arnaud Event shirts now available to order. Check out the Geocaching Victoria Store to pre-order yours now. Available in Men’s, Women’s and Kids sizes. Orders close October 27th so get in quick!


Games over the weekend

There will lots of different ways to win prizes over MEGA weekend and taking part in some of the games we have on offer is a great way to be a part of all the fun. When you register you will be given some handouts of activities to complete so be sure to take part because as the old adage states – YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT!

We will also have a box called “Receipt’s Game”. We are asking people to collect any receipts from when they shop in St Arnaud in the week prior and post the Mega and to pop your caching name and a mobile number on the back and add them to our box. We will then draw a winner who will receive a very special prize. We can also use this data to gather an idea on how much impact a geocaching event can have economically within a community.

Stand out! Add an ORANGE ribbon to your car!

Travelling to St Arnaud for the MEGA Event? Tie an ORANGE ribbon or two to your car so we can all see each other.


Accommodation still Available at Camp Seed

Camp Seed, Stuart Mill (Only 15 mins from St Arnaud with plenty of caches in-between) have some accommodation bookings still available. Booking options are offered on either a per bed or per room rate:
$70 per adult for 2 nights in a shared room (4 single beds each room)
$250 for the 2 nights for a room (4 x single beds)
You will have access to a large commercial style kitchen to store and prepare food as well as a large dining hall and recreation hall. These facilities allow you to continue nurturing your social connections within the Geocaching community.

Camp Seed is only accepting bookings for people participating in the Geocaching event so you will be residing with a like minded community. They don’t have lockable doors to the bedrooms so you need to bear in mind that your valuables need to be cared for under your own responsibility.

Please call Donna on 0403 810 614 to make a booking.

Geocaching in St Arnaud – Bush Wander Series

The Bush Wander series was created in 2017 by FUF009 & Tyred n Cranky, the 4th annual series from the trio and yet another trail of impressive creations. The BW series is a total of 22 caches comprising a letterbox and a multi to join the trads and the 2 puzzles that require the numbers to be collected along the way.

The BW series begins on Centre Road taking you on yet another enjoyable journey through the St Arnaud bush. A total of 1,592* unique finds have been logged on this series with over 680* favourite points awarded to the series overall.

Begin your adventure at BW01 – St Arnaud Regional Park (GC7A7ME).

*Statistics current as of 23 October 2019


First to Find (FTF) Raffle

We know people love chasing FTFs – how would you like a MEGA Event FTF? This raffle supports the amazing work done by The St Arnaud Agricultural Society (whose premises we are using and who do an amazing job of coordinating the St Arnaud Show). So if you are a FTF hound, or you just want to support a really great charity, then you can go in the draw to earn the right to call yourself the FTFer of The St Arnaud Event, 2019. Tickets are only $2 and you may win FTF and an unobtainium geocoin… You can purchase your tickets in this wonderful raffle by following this link!

St A Ag society

Geocaching Downunder Podcast

Did you tune into the Geocaching Downunder Podcast held earlier in the month? Geocaching Victoria Inc. Treasurer “BernieH” caught up with Seemyshell & AngelG27 to talk about all thing St Arnaud!

Have a listen here and you might find out some information we’ve yet to release about The St Arnaud MEGA Event… If you listen to the end too there is a chance to enter a very simple competition for all those who are attending the MEGA Event.

St Arnaud Geo Coins & Pathtags

The St Arnaud Event 2019 MEGA standard and limited edition geocoins are also selling like hotcakes in the Geocaching Victoria store. Get in quick before they sell out!

The Standard coin has been specifically designed for the event and features Fern the leadbeater possum as well as some stunning Australian flora including Victoria’s floral emblem – the Pink Heath. What sets this coin apart is that it is a 3D textured coin. They have arrived so we can now show you the final image. Coins are $16 each. Order here.


The Limited Edition coins come in three different colours and aims to depict the farming communities that are located within the St Arnaud district. Get in quick as these are limited in number! This coin is 3 inches in size so nice to add to the collection. Limited edition coins are $34 each. Order here.

LE tractor coins

And whilst in the store don’t forget to purchase your St Arnaud Pathtags too!


Who doesn’t love celebrating a milestone at a MEGA event? We know lots of people do so as in previous years we will be handing out some special certificates. If you plan to celebrate a Milestone in St Arnaud make sure you fill in this form.



It’s thanks to amazing supporters that make a MEGA event possible. This includes GeoStuff who will be on site during the Mega. We’ve also had donations from our mates in South Australia who are organising a MEGA event there – GeoVenture2020, Caching SuppliesSssafe and Sistema so a big thanks to them too. It’s also important to note that this event isn’t possible without the support of the Northern Grampians Shire Council so thank you NGS – your support in invaluable! And we can’t forget the amazing support from PathTags and Geocaching HQ   who help to make this dream a reality! Thanks guys!

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