Ballarat GeoTour Update

Gosh time flies when you are having fun! As you know the Ballarat GeoTour launched in February. The first 3 weeks saw a huge flurry of activity with the 25 caches being found over 1000 times. Such an incredible response from the geocaching community and locals.

A few weeks back we were excited to have our sponsors VicHealth visit. We enjoyed teaching them about geocaching and they were very excited to find one. This GeoTour was made possible after receiving a grant from VicHealth as part of their Reimagining Health grants in 2020. We thank them for their support as without their help we could not have released a GeoTour.

Geocaching Victoria Inc. are also selling geocoins related to the Ballarat GeoTour. These have arrived in Australia (yah) and you can purchase a Standard Coin, a 10 Finds Coin and a Completed GeoTour Coin from the Geocaching Victoria Store. These coins (and other GVI goodies) will also be available to purchase at events.

Speaking of events our third event is scheduled for this Saturday at 3:30pm. You can find the details here. And congratulations to McAdies for winning the special prize at Event #2 – maybe you will win a prize at Event #3? And if you like events you are in luck. There is a breakfast event on Saturday as well as a CITO so why not make a day (or weekend) of it?

To view the official pages visit here and here!

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