Introducing Karen Ashford – carkisser

Today we would love to introduce you to Karen, the current President for the GVI Committee and a geocacher since 2014, who works tirelessly to support events such as the Mega, Ballarat Geo Tour and the Maze GPS. Anyone that knows this lovely lady, knows she has some awesome stories too! For example, have you ever wondered where her caching name came from? The story goes that in 2000 she won a car by kissing it for 87 hours and 38 minutes on centre stage at a shopping centre in Townsville. And a pic of that can be found in “carkissers” geo-albums. Recently we caught up with Karen to find out more about her geo-story in her own words…

1. Share with us when you started Geocaching and what got you into this crazy hobby we love?

We were attending our yearly family “fish-a-cue” at Jells Park, when two nephews came begging everyone for a pen. Being a nurse, of course I had a pen. I wanted to know what it was for. They said they’d tell us later. At the end of the day, they told us about this hobby they have. We got home, a little inebriated and researched their hobby. There was one at the end of our street. We’d continued drinking after getting home, and headed off to find this great treasure. It was up a tree. We nearly broke several bones trying to free climb the tree before giving up and going home. At 6am, we were awake early and decided to give it another go. It’s amazing what a pair of stray legs will do.

2. How do you like to play the game? Are you a numbers person, do you chase challenges, do you love the adventures or have your own approach to caching?

We chop and change our approach. Sometimes numbers, sometimes hiding, sometimes having a break, but always trying our best to play honourably.

3. What is the craziest thing you have done in the name of caching?

Hidden over 300 caches at Mt Disappointment – an infamous ‘must do’ power trail. Nothing super crazy for a normal person, but for an old fat chick with a bung back, I’ve certainly challenged myself. Cached a 100 hide power trail near ACT over 8 hours and then drove home to Melbourne. Waded out from a beach in the dark with slippery rocks everywhere. Had a big run in with vic police and swat team. (Ed – Oh there is more to this story I am sure!!)

4. What is currently on your Geocaching Bucket-list?

LOTS. Finish SA fishy series. Scotland. Fiji. Vegas. More hides – finish off Disappointment series. Create a trail in memory of my Mum.

5. What is the most remote or unusual place you have collected a Geocache?

Hiked four hours through a treacherous creek bed, then up a little mountain for one cache. Outback NT. Thailand. Vanuatu.

For more information on carkisser and her achievements – check out her geoprofile here

1 thought on “Introducing Karen Ashford – carkisser

  1. Love the Mount Dissa trail, haven’t completed it yet, saving some for a challenge, and for when we have freedom again.
    Carkisser has done a great job of it, and encouraging people to discover that beautiful area.

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