Introducing Bernie Holloway – BernieH

Tonight we would love to introduce you to a seasoned geocacher and long term committee member – BernieH. Aside from the critical role of Treasurer, and being super amazing at keeping the committee on track, he is also well known across the Geocaching Community having over 9000 finds and owning 60+ caches of his own. Recently we caught up with Bernie to learn more about what makes him tick and why geocaching is still his passion.

1. Share with us when you started Geocaching and what got you into this crazy hobby we love?

I started geocaching on 14th December 2011 at about 6:50 pm 😊

I was out orienteering in Balwyn and bumped into my friend and fellow orienteer who pointed out one of these things he had been trying to tell me about. A geocache, a bison hanging in a bush just near the start line. I signed the log sheet and joined as a premium member that night when I got home. The rest is history.

Thanks to my geodad, DrJim7 (now DeadlyErnest).

2. How do you like to play the game? Are you a numbers person, do you chase challenges, do you love the adventures or have your own approach to caching?

I enjoy caching by the numbers but not just pure quantity, I target various types of stats as a bit of a challenge, it gets me out chasing different types of caches in all sorts of different areas. I’m always happy to go out geocaching as part of a group but I also like the serenity of caching on my own.

3. What is the craziest thing you have done in the name of caching?

Someone told me about a GCA cache, the only GCA cache I have ever logged, it’s GA0337 – Nude Up For A Smiley. So on a trip up past Mildura, out in the middle of the dessert, I nuded up for smiley 😊

4. What is currently on your Geocaching Bucket-list?

My next find…

Some overseas geocaching.

Finishing my Jasmer challenge.

Finding older caches.

Qualifying for The_Tritonz Diamond Challenge.

5. What is the most remote or unusual place you have collected a Geocache?

Logged a webcam cache on a small island off the coast of Fiji, Castaway Island. Then I went over to the bar and ordered a beer 😊.

 For more insight into BernieH check out his profile here –

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