December 2021 Events

To help promote the amazing events organised in Victoria for December, we have compiled a list of the events we know about. Please support the CO’s who go out of their way to organise cool things for us to do! For any events we have missed, please add in comments below in the comments.


GC9JB74 – Tronoh Reserve Harrietville – CITO

Saturday 4th December @ 10am hosted by Ronice88


GC8MA4D – Return to Events & Mr Sims_family Turns 50

Saturday 4th December  @6.00pm hosted by Sims_family


GC9ARFW – Coffee in Geelong

Wednesday 8th December  @9.30am hosted by Bushfire


GC9AR98 – Panorama Heights CITO

Wednesday 8th December  @10.30am hosted by Bushfire


GC9HZEZ – Clean Up the Forest – CITO

Thursday 9th December @6pm hosted by locus cache


GC9JV15 – Afternoon Tea in Ballarat

Saturday 11th December @ 4pm hosted by McLookers


GC9GBEG – 10,000 finds, 100 Hides and 10 Years of Geocaching

Tuesday 14th December  @6.45pm hosted by BernieH


GC9J8GZ – Meet and Greet at Beechworth

Friday 17th December @6.30pm hosted by KittyKatch


GC9JH2C – Festivus 2021 – Geelong

Thursday 23rd December @5.30pm hosted by ToyHunters


GC8K1HK – Christmas Eve Caching Celebration (CECC) 2021

Friday 24th December @7.15pm hosted by Pinkpiggy7


GC9JN45 – Goodbye 2021

Friday 31st December @5.30pm hosted by chooknchunk

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