Introducing Joanna Cox aka heymissjo

Jo is relatively new to the Geocaching Victoria Committee and despite having only 1200 cache finds, she has already ticked off some pretty cool milestones including the spread the MEGA-love challenge, Centroid, Victoria’s Largest Sudoku and Karate Black Belt. She has been fortunate enough to cache in five overseas countries and four states around Australia. Its not always about the numbers.

She has 22 active hides to her name including her ‘Esoteric’ and ‘It’s all in the Story’ series. One of the things she values is a good log and so in turn works hard to write creative logs for each find she makes. Often she caches with her partner The Welder and so don’t be surprised if you find the two of them bantering and telling stories about each other (At least when The Welder remembers to publish his logs)- but that’s half the fun right?

By day she is an Agile/ Business Transformation Coach where she loves working with individuals and corporate teams to create amazing experiences that people will remember. As the newly appointed Geocaching Victoria President, she hopes that she can inject fun, inspiration and laughter in all she does and add some value along the way.

Recently we caught up with her and asked her to share a little about herself. Here is a little of what she shared.

1. Share with us when you started Geocaching and what got you into this crazy hobby we love?

I am fairly new to the Geocaching community compared to the other GVI Committee Members, and was originally introduced to the game in October 2017. Originally it was something I did with my children and my caching was focused on the caches with swag and that were in easy to find locations. Mid 2018, I broke my foot in four places and was house bound for many months, but it was during this period of respite I discovered puzzle caches. But it was when I started to cache solo that I discovered the breadth and depth of the game and I got complete sucked in!

2. How do you like to play the game? Are you a numbers person, do you chase challenges, do you love the adventures or have your own approach to caching?

What I love, is that you can play this game anyway you want. I do tend to have limited time to cache, as a Mum/ Step Mum to five kids and all that comes with family life, so I tend to be more focused on quality caches or ones that I need for a particular challenge I might be working on.

But I do love numbers and stats… and yes I have lots of spreadsheets and lists. I completely love caching with my partner Ross aka The Welder, especially when we get the chance to go on a roadtrip. We have had some fun, got lost, bogged and very dirty!

3. What is the craziest thing you have done in the name of caching?

Planned holidays and roadtrips just so I can collect a cache, even if its over 500km away. Climbed sand dunes at midnight, walked through cemetries at 4am in the morning and pretended to lose an earring on a busy subway in Bangalore, India because its too hard to cache with so many people around. Sadly I had many men helping me find the earring, I didnt have the heart to tell them I was looking for a cache. I eventually had to claim a DNF.

But in all honesty, the craziest thing I have done was meet and fall in love with another geocacher. I knew of The Welder for years before we met and became friends and I was always intrigued by this poetic writer and crazy hounding cacher. Little did I know that he would become the love of my life and we would move in together with our blended family. #geolove

4. What is currently on your Geocaching Bucket-list?

Number one is to eventually do the “Big Lap” and cache my way around Australia. I have only cached in four states to date and would like to tick them off. Secondly, when we can travel safely and freely overseas, I would love to complete my Jasmer and visit Geocaching HQ in Seattle.

But while I dream about the big things, I am currently working to complete my the Dead Premiers challenge, my LGA, and UBD map challenges. I would also love to create a Wherigo, but time is limited at the moment, so that is on the backlog.

As the newly appointed GVI President, I am excited about the year ahead and look forward to contributing and adding value to our awesome Geocaching community.

5. What is the most remote or unusual place you have collected a Geocache?

Before Covid hit, I was fortunate enough to collect overseas caches. Whilst on work trips, I managed to cache in Bangalore and Mumbai India, Singapore and Chengdu, China. Also, while on holidays I managed to collect caches in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Two of my favourite caches are in Angkor Watt, Cambodia (GC7FRQW) and Phnom Kulen National Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia (GC21N8D).

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