February Winner!

Firstly thank you to everyone who nominated great ‘Found It’ log’s – we were definitely entertained reading through the great adventures and creative logs submitted.

The winner of February’s competion was buhfuhguh who wrote a great log on GC9MXMX – All The Glitters. We will be in contact shortly to organise your prize.

Thanks to OzHockeyChick for the nomination.

“Here lies a tale to be told,
Filled with fame, glory, and a mountain of gold,
There lay the giant on a day of rest,
Where news broke out about a new quest,
Solve this riddles, and you better make it fast,

Take to long and the treasure wont last,
Out went the Giant confident with hits wits,
But little did he know this would give him the …..,
Pushing through the challenge with no real woe,
Little did he know he would be meet his greatest foe,
But the treasure was soon in sight,
Yet protected by a mighty serpent, eyes of malice and blight,
Time pasts as these titans threw fists,
But alone the giant could only resist,
Out came a hunter, eyes set on the beast,
“End it now and soon we shall feast”,
There the beast lay, with the quest at it’s end,
The Giant was happy to get help from his friend,
There lay a casket of gold, in the middle of the shrine,
Inside only an empty parchment for these heroes to sign

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