Victorian Cache of the Year Awards 2020-2021 Kicks Off

Geocaching Victoria Inc is proud to announce the relaunch of the Victorian Cache of the Year Awards. These awards had been put on hold in recent years due to the Covid challenges we faced as a community, however we are excited to be kicking them off again. 

We are constantly amazed by the creative, inspirational and sometimes adventurous caches that are created within our community and we would love to both celebrate and promote these great caches.

There are now 12 different categories open for nomination, some of which will be familiar and others that are new. For all nominations caches will need to have been published in Victoria between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2021.

For further information on eligibility criteria, nomination and voting process and key dates, please refer to the Geocaching Victoria webpage for full details.

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