May Competition

To enter our monthly competition for the month of May, please tag a fellow geocacher below and share how they have made a difference to your geocaching experiences, provided guidance, helped you when you first started out, or where you have witnessed a generous act within our community that is worth calling out. This month its all about calling our those that make a difference within our community. Let’s celebrate them.

There will be two random winners selected – one for those that nominate and one for those that are recognised. We look forward to reading your stories.

9 thoughts on “May Competition

  1. Kudos to GJMMelb, long term caching companions, co-solver of puzzles, occasional tree-climber (G), keeper of detailed cache find records. I was a solo cacher originally then our paths crossed and we have been adventuring and holidaying ever since (often with lochb). 🙂

  2. I will have to name Jacko83.
    He has inspired the way I cache now, bypass all but the caches in between, but the ones for the adventure they create. He gave me the opportunity to do technical tree climbs, long kayak paddles and hike to locations I wouldn’t have attempted before. His caches are urban and bush but they all have a story to hold and amazing locations that his caches are placed. Getting me out of my comfort zone.

  3. There are a handful of deeply communally minded people playing this game. One who stands out to me is ahomburg. I’d like to nominate him for the following reasons:
    1. Always up for a chat at an event
    2. Always willing to extend assistance when asked
    3. I’ve personally known him to act selflessly on at least two occasions
    4. I’ve only known him to speak ill of one person on one occasion and that was in response to a specific query.

  4. I have never met any of the cachers yet, hopefully at the Mega maybe?! but these cacher have helped me so much since I really started geocaching in Australia. I hope it’s not a problem that I nominate more than one, but they have all been amazing.

    I would like to nominate ahomburg, Mister Doctor, omegaman1971, OzHockeyChick, and leafotwind.

    I guess I would like to say that everyone of the geocaching I have interacted with in Victoria have been amazing with giving advise and being patient, but I think these four have helped me the most.

    ahomburg is definitely the biggest contributed of caches, atleast in my area. He has always been helpful when asking for hints and patience with all my questions. His caching reaches are just so far and contribution to hides is just unbelievable.

    I think Mister Doctor has really elevated the caching game, again at least in my area. I the effort he puts into his hides are just so inspiring. Every time I go for a Mister Doctor cache I know I am going to have fun. I find myself going back to caches I have already found with my partner, just because I want them to experience the fun of the cache as well. Its just inspires me so much and elevates the game.

    Omegaman1971 has also been such a positive impact for me. He’s been a great PAF when I have struggled with some caches and his artwork style inspired me to make my own pathtag. He has been excellent in every step of helping me create my own Pathtags and just had to give him a shout out.

    OzHockeyChick is probably the most patient person I have ever met. I have no idea how many messages I have sent her asking for advice and hints to her puzzles. As someone who had already done any puzzle caches before I was always so intimidated by them, but she has been great. Her puzzles are so much fun and I have learned so much from the advice she has given me through hints. That I now have found over 100 Mystery caches. She been great and I don’t know If I would have started finding puzzle caches without her help.

    and last but not least was leafotwind. They were also super helpful early on. I did a PAF to them and they were amazing. They taught me about the game in general. They gave me advice about referring to the GC code. Told me about challenge caches, which now are definitely my favourite style of cache! I am even thinking about hiding my first cache to be a challenge cache. As well as told me about sourvenirs and just a bunch of other great newbie friendly advice.

    I could go on and on about this amazing community honourable mention definitely to mazes-g, The Rustys, easybeinggreen, sorceysal, Pinkpiggy7, The Coffee’s Jimbo_80, OSHFAM, paultheball, Earthbound Chief, queenant89, grugthethug, BernieH, Muzza, eighthknox, and just so many other amazing people that have shown me only patience and kindness and made me really fall in love with geocaching!

  5. Wow so many people have helped and inspired us in geocaching. And of course we have made many long time friends as a result. There are so many who selflessly devote many hours/weeks/years to our hobby so that we can enjoy fun things like free mega events and great caches – so cheers to all the COs, Reviewers and the GVI and Mega committee members. But for the purpose of this activity, we nominate maccamob for all the hugs and love they spread. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and supported just as much as the regular event attendees. They continue to maintain their old-time caches across Victoria so we can enjoy things like Jasmer challenges. They have inspired us to continue the legacy of being really supportive to newcomers and to spread the love of geocaching.

  6. I’d like to nominate OzHockeyChick, without her I would have never known about geocaching and would probably have given up by now. I’m sure there have been many moments when she has wanted to roll her eyes at my questions but never has. She is so patient, encouraging and so willing to help you improve your caching abilities in any way she can.
    Despite her desire to achieve her own caching goals she always has time to help everyone else .
    She has a true love of caching and the caching community.

  7. I’d like to nominate day1976.
    Firstly, because he was there for me and came to my rescue after an accident left me stranded and in shock in Ballarat. He travelled there and back to get me home. We had only known eachother for a few months.
    Secondly, because when I was new to Australia and hadn’t many friends here, he took me under his wing and took me geocaching in places that were way out of my comfort zone and skill level. Ive seen him do this often in the 8 years Ive known him.
    Together we helped put together Melbourne’s 1st Mega.
    Although we dont see eachother much nowadays, he will forever have my respect and high regard.

  8. I would like to thank Riddell (Ian and Sylvia).
    Thanks to them I have had some fun (and safe) geocaching adventures.
    I first met Ian when he put a message on FB about going to Mt Disappointment one Sunday in 2017. I had planned to go there myself but the opportunity to travel around the area with him (and a few other cachers) made a great day a lot safer for me. On a few other occasions Ian and Sylvia have included me in their adventures and have accommodated my lack of fitness by slowing down their walking/hiking pace.
    Over the past two years Ian and Sylvia have also been very helpful members of some of the ZOOM puzzle-solving groups that I have attended. Ian offers a small nudge or hint to help others learn how to approach and hopefully solve some difficult puzzles.
    When I see them they always have smiles on their faces and offer help or advise to all that may need it.

  9. I first met RoamingHowie at the Cache of the Year awards in 2019, and bumped into him soon after whilst out finding the local Gold series. We have since cached together on all sorts of adventures. He’s always been very supportive, patient and happy to help me get up those trees, over those bridges, up those hills, through those spider webs, across those rivers. With the patience of a saint, he has to be the most selfless person I’ve ever met.
    More recently, he not only put his hand up to be part of the GVI committee, but also to take the lead in the organising of this year’s Mega. Only a couple of weeks in, I know he’s already put hours and hours into what’s expected to be an enjoyable event.
    A worthy recipient indeed.

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