Caching with our Geo-Dogs

Hands up all you dog lovers out there!!

Who doesn’t love geocaching with our furry friends often affectionately referred to as Geo-Dogs or Geo-Pups. I know that since my Geo-Pup joined our family Ally became an integral part of our family, she often accompanies Ross and I on geocaching day trips or weekends away!

But caching with our Geo-Dogs does come with responsibility and I thought that I would share a couple of thoughts on some “Geo-Dog Etiqutte”

Geo-Dog Etiquette and Reminders

  1. When attending geocaching events with our dogs, they must always remain on a short lead. As much as we love our furry friends, not everyone is comfortable with dogs (large or small) and some in our community also have allergies to dogs. By keeping our dogs on a lead, it helps to encourage an environment where everyone is safe and comfortable to attend events. Leads should be short and not retractable so as to keep our Geo-Dogs close by our side.

  1. When it comes to dog training, we have a community with a whole lot of different expectations, so some general principles should apply.
    • Don’t let your dogs jump on others or on picnic furniture
    • Ask permission of the dog owner before you pat or hug a Geo-Dog (no matter how cute they are)
    • If meeting another Geo-Dog, ask permission of owner that your dogs can meet. Some smaller dogs or puppies may still be learning to be around bigger, well trained dogs.
    • Be prepared that dogs will poop and you will need to clean up after them

  1. Assistance Dogs (Service Dogs, Guide Dogs or Hearing Dogs) should wear their coats to signifiy to others that they play a special role in your life and that they are working. It is really important that we don’t pat an assistance dog, as they are trained to provide love and support to their owner. But they are working hard in their role and we should respect that.

  1. We can’t actually take our Dogs to all cache locations so it is important that we do our research before we take our furry friends caching! Some things to consider:
    • National Parks – Dogs are not allowed in most National Parks in Victoria. As a general rule, driving through a national park on a public road with pets in the vehicle are permitted, provided they remain in the car. But this is not always the case, so be sure to check and plan your journey ahead of time.
    • State Forests – Most State Forests are open to dogs, but there are a few exceptions. So be sure to do your research and confirm each location.

  1. If you are lucky enough to be caching with your Geo-Dog, be sure to give him or her a special mention in your log, because who doesn’t love a good shout out when you have done a good job helping to sniff out a geocache! Maybe even share a photo of your geo pups adventure in finding the cache.

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