Activities update – Mountaineering

Did you know that the highest cache of North America was placed by … a girl … from Melbourne … and she will be at The Melbourne Event!

Lentil Cloud

This is another free session and part of the activities. Anna Bolmat who successfully climbed the 6194m high Mt Denali in 2013 will talk you through the experience of mountaineering. She has also  climbed peaks in India, Nepal and recently together with her partner a couple of 4000m summits in Europe. Just lean back, hold on to your hot cup of tea and enjoy this virtual journey into the magical world of snow, glaciers and mountains.

1 thought on “Activities update – Mountaineering

  1. ” … a girl …” ??? This sort of implies to me that the writer of this text assumes that a female is not worthy of achieving such a task.

    If it had of been placed by a male, would the text have been written as “placed by .. a boy .. from Melbourne ” I dare say not.

    Anna sounds like a courageous woman.

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