Mid Week Fun Facts – About

Welcome back to the mid week fun facts. Here are another three:

A – About Time
ag_GPS_Operation_low_resDid you know that every GPS unit has a built-in temperature sensor? Although you might not be able to access this information it is essential for the accuracy of the system. In order to function properly your device needs a super accurate time signal. It gets it from the satellite broadcast and syncs it with an internal quartz crystal and that very crystal oscillates in different frequencies based on temperature. There you go – The  device uses some fancy algorithm to compensate for that but why is the time signal so important? It’s pretty simple – if the time is off by only a microsecond (that’s a millionth of a second or 0.000001 seconds) ,  your location is out by about 300m!

B – About Sustainability
Geocachers in general are in touch with nature and that’s a good thing. Aside from cito_72physical and mental health benefits, it also shows our game in a good light. We’re not only take care for the environment when we go on the hunt, we sometimes even meet up to clean up ourplayground. This is called a Cash In Trash Out Event (CITO). It not only scores you an special icon in your found statistic but also bragging rights. So why not do something good and mark down the next CITO in your calendar on the 12 July 2015 – it is for the greater good after all 🙂 Brookland Greens CITO & CUAD

C – About History
Did you know that Melbourne’s 1st geocache GC7A was the result of a car-crash? George who placed the cache was a member of the local SES when a car went down the side of the hill. He was involved in getting it out of there and back on the street. As far as I know the car wasn’t roadworthy after that. Anyway, in the end he decided that this is actually quite a nice spot and worth a geocache. Fifteen years later it is still there and if you have been to the place, you probably agree with George.

Save travels until the end of the week and I hope you are already planning your next geocaching adventure 🙂 Don’t forget the Geo-vehicle, Show & Shine event on Sunday.


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