September Surf Coast Update

Another Update for the upcoming Surf Coast Mega event… Most important to log your “Will Attend” at GC65688 Its happening people, there are even signs pointing the way… Competition Winner Things to do other than caching? Accommodation Victorian Geocaching Tournament Coins and Pathtags Stalls for the event Sponsors Competition Winner Congratulations go to: We could not decide on a winner so have chosen two!! Congratulations go to omegaman1971 and º on their designs. These designs will be revealed to all in November. Thanks to those who entered. The winners will receive their unobtanium prize at the event in November. Things to do other than … Continue reading September Surf Coast Update

Extreme Roadtripping

The Geocaching road trip is upon us and the most difficult challenge lies in front : Find a D5 or T5 cache.    Some of you eat risk for breakfast (I know – it tastes like beacon) so this  is merely a challenge but  most cachers haven’t even done one of these caches – where do you even start? For D5 caches there are some evil mind benders out there which can drive the best puzzle solvers to insanity. Mention Masonic Cipher or 1789 to people and you’ll get the vibe. On the T5 side there are also some equal insane caches … Continue reading Extreme Roadtripping