What is a Pathtag?


For those of you that do not know about the craze that is pathtags, here is a little info on what it is all about:

“Pathtags are personal trading items. Used most often in Geocaching, they are also very handy for Scouting, Military and Promotional use. A pathtag is a single-sided custom metal tag about the size and weight of a U.S. Quarter, a one Euro coin or an Australian ten cent piece.”


Believe it or not, Australia is the biggest consumer of pathtags outside the US and it is getting more and more popular every day.

You may have found a pathtag in a cache somewhere or even seen others swapping them at an event. How do I get started you say? Well, is is quite simple really. If you know a little about design, you can actually design one yourself. If not, do not worry, there are lots of people out in the caching community that for a nominal fee will design one for you.

Go to pathtags.com to check out latest deals and current prices to get your own tags minted.

blueprintahomburg pathtagblueprintv2

During the pathtag creation process, you can choose from a selection of “Give Backs” just like the Geocaching Melbourne ones below.

Tag Backs

Remote Adventure July 2015


Derringer Cache Map

There is this old-school cacher called Derringer (His real name is Kevin but barely anyone knows that). His caches and the adventures connected with it are stories of persistence and perseverance. These are caches you just don’t walk up to; they require a fair amount of effort if you want to find them:


Like walking into Modor, this is not happening the easy way. If you need proof of this, just mention The Silent Sentinel to some of the more experienced hiking cachers, Despite being archived it remains to be the Nemesis or the Holy Grail of every ambitious hiker. In that spirit a cache tributed to him was recently placed in the Cathedral Ranges. Unsurprisingly it already got some attention before it even got found. Robin (aka robinyang) gave it a good crack – twice – and still ended up without the smiley.
After these epic DNFs on the cache, Robin is still determined to give this adventure another / 3rd try tomorrow Saturday 25.7.

This time we patched him up with a satellite tracker and a link to our social media accounts. Make sure you’re tuning in from 8 am to see this adventure unfolding live from the comfort of your home.

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P.S.: On the map it doesn’t look too bad.



Wahoo! You are in for a treat, I can tell you!  We finalised the agreement with our latest sponsor joining the team for The Melbourne Event 2015:

Please welcome Anvil Angus – the friendly cattle farm just outside Melbourne in the Acheron Valley. Anvil Angus is not only one of the sponsors for the Lake Eildon Geotour but has been connected to the Melbournian Geocaching community for almost a decade.

For now we won’t tell you what’s in it for you but be assured: If you like BBQs, you won’t be disappointed.

… this is going to be soooo good