We are hiring

Holy Guacamole! We ticked over 500 will attends and scored ourselves the mega event status > High five everyone 🙂 We are now officially the biggest geocaching event in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America and Antarctica. You can check out how big this is actually going to be on our brand-spanking-new dashboard. Have a look through it and then you will see the validity of this quote: What are we going to do with all these people?!? -Louise Yes the conservative estimation of attendees is somewhere around 1000 people. Seriously. One thousand people … and this is where you come in! We are looking for volunteers … Continue reading We are hiring


Wahoo! You are in for a treat, I can tell you!  We finalised the agreement with our latest sponsor joining the team for The Melbourne Event 2015: Please welcome Anvil Angus – the friendly cattle farm just outside Melbourne in the Acheron Valley. Anvil Angus is not only one of the sponsors for the Lake Eildon Geotour but has been connected to the Melbournian Geocaching community for almost a decade. For now we won’t tell you what’s in it for you but be assured: If you like BBQs, you won’t be disappointed. … this is going to be soooo good Continue reading Steaks!