Mid Week Fun Facts – Going

Here are three random things you might not have known about Geocaching in Australia:

A – Going Federal
fedGeocaching made an appearance in the federal parliament last week. The independent MP Cathy McGowan shed some light on the positive effects our little game can have on rural communities. If you wonder who that mentioned Steve is – that’s our very own Clever Monkey. Well done 🙂

B – Going GIGA
Some floated the idea that having a Giga event in Australia should be feasible – that’s an event with 5000 or more attendees. After Geocaching Australia provided valuable insight, a fair assumption is that you can determine the active Geocaching population by counting cachers with more than 100 finds. Yes some will have left the game beyond the mark however they are offset by fresh cachers who haven’t crossed the magic number yet.

That taken into account the GC-poGC population AUpulation is around 6000 in South-East Australia (NSW, SA & VIC). In order to get 5000 caching-teams in one spot, you would have to mobilise over 80% of the whole community. Yes. For now that is a bit of a stretch 🙂 By the way – if you are a business owner, who was always wondering how large your potential customer base is: You’re welcome.

Until then, get ready for The Melbourne Event 2015. Mark it in your calendar and log your will attend today!

C- Going Lazy
By now you probably stumbled upon the Road Trip 2015 souvenir collecting promotion. If you want to take a short-cut there are some caches which can score you two or more souvenirs in one hit. The WinterCamp 2015 which is organised by the friendly cachers of the Bushrangers Women’s Walking Club in cooperation with the Victorian Climbing Club, is one of them.
Get some snow under your feet and enjoy the High Country in winter. There is an info night on snow camping for the attendees on the 9th July. Get in touch with the Rangers to secure your spot or get more information.

Save travels until the end of the week and I hope you are already planning your next geocaching adventure 🙂


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