Planning your 29th of February Leap Day

As we know, the 29th of February only comes around once every 4 years and this years Leap Day is set to be a big one in Victoria!  As it is falling on a work/school day this year, the calendar is jam packed with events, so here’s hoping no one misses out on attending at least one.  As of today (the 8th Feb) there are 16 events (in Victoria) for you to choose from.  Lets do a quick recap and see whats on.

For the first half of the day, things are simple and you could even make it to 5 of the 6 events if you were prepared to do the driving.  We start off with the midnight event in Thornbury, hosted by iamapom.  There are rumors of snacks and prizes for this event and even though it is in the middle of the night, it will be dry at the venue.

Then you have your first choice of the day, at 7am you can either head to Ballarat or to Point Cook.  I don’t think attending both is possible, driving at the speed limit.  Your hosts Tomstache & McLookers at the Ballarat venue offers coffee and breakfast for sale, with a view of Lake Wendouree.  Whilst Point Cook and Mel_Adz offers no view, but coffee is on site.

In Eltham and your host kangadrew72, has an event starting at the slightly more civilized hour of 8am.  Once again coffee is available and there are caches to find in the area.  After this event, you have plenty of time to leisurely make your way to Officer for morning tea.  You might even have time for a few caches along the way.

Your host in Officer, TeamThommo, has made a booking at Arena Cafe, so please make sure you RSVP for this event.  TeamThommo had done some great research on leap days and there is some interesting information on the event page that all interested history buffs should take a look at.  This event not only boasts coffee, but also cake and other breakfast items.

Phew!! You can now take an hour and a half off to rest, or maybe use that time to go caching, or perhaps (more likely) some more driving.  It’s time to head to Cardina.  After all the coffee you’ve had so far today, you probable won’t mind that Long John Silva’s event at Cardina Reservoir is BYO lunch.  Surprises have been promised, along with a FTF prize.

am calendar

The next events for the day start at 5pm and in the next 3hrs there are 10, I repeat: 10 events!!  Without assistance from Dr.Who, you are simply not going to be able to make it to all these events, sorry maccamob and the Coffees’.

Here is a run down on the evenings events to help you see what’s on in Victoria.

pm Calendar.png


To start the evening off, we have Cybergran V hosting you in Shepparton at 5pm.  The event is lake side, with plenty of parking.  There are tables nearby and shops if you don’t feel like BYO-ing dinner.

Starting at the precise time of 10 minutes past 5pm, we have Sphir3’s event in Mornington.  You have an hour and 5 minutes to drop into the Civic Reserve and trade stories and trackables.

From there we head to Moe at 5:30pm to meet with Poiter.h in the Moe Bontanical Gardens, there are BBQ’s on site and some chairs, but it is recommended to bring your own chair to be on the safe side.

There are 3 events starting at 6pm in Geelong, St Arnaud and Wonthaggi.
Na’wal is recommending you bring a chair for his meet up at the Waurn Ponds Parkland in south Geelong.  Tyred n Cranky, Geodog Penny and FUF009 are welcoming you to the Lord Nelson Park Picnic Area in St Arnaud.  Both of these two event will require you to scavenge your own dinner.  But at AmyLouB of the GeoBears Family’s event at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, you can order at the bar.  This means it’s best to RSVP here to make sure there is room for everyone.

Your next 3 events, starting at 6:30pm are in Sale, Beaconfield and Kangaroo Flat.  In Sale, your hosts M&D? are inviting all EGG’s and others in the area to the Woondella Estate.  A partial feast is provided so see the cache page for details of what you need to bring.  Pinkpiggy7’s Beaconsfield event will be a no frills affair and all about ticking off the date in an efficient manner.  Up in Bendigo, the gathering to mark this auspicious occasion is being held at Cooinda Park in Kangaroo Flat.  Your host tigersden has prepared a raffle!

Lastly at 7pm there is the Wondonga event, hosted by The Bachelor (aka Jamin Appleford) who has prepared a lot of interesting information about the history of the date.  Is he expecting a proposal at the event? Who knows, you will have to be there to find out!

Here is a map of all the events in Victoria on the 29th of Feb, wow!! What a day!


Don’t forget that there are two GC souvenirs and one GCA Trophy available for finding a cache/attending an event on the 29/2/2016.  So don’t forget to find a couple of caches in your travels, as well as attending one of these many many events!

Lastly, Geocaching Melbourne maintains a couple of calendars to help you get an overview of all the events on in Victoria any time of the year, so take a look at these two links as well.
Event List
Calendar (this one is a google calendar that anyone can subscribe to)

I know I am looking forward to the 29th! I hope to see you at an event, even if the chances are 1 in 16 that we will be at the same event.


Edit:  and of course, the day after I hit publish on this post, two more events were published.  They are in the Geocaching Melbourne calendars, so you need to have a look into them yourself 🙂

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