Victorian Geocaching Tournament

And the results are in!!! With a bumper entry of more than 50 teams and everyone getting out and about having a great time, I think we can declare the Victorian Geocaching Tournament a success!! Below are the winners of the ribbons and I have put a link to a full table of results and another link to some photos I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who participated and an even bigger thanks to my great team of volunteers, without whom the game would not have been able to run.

Highest Scoring Team

Having completed all puzzles, all the physical challenges and field puzzles, along with two multis caches, 4 traditional caches 3 GCA caches and having completed 9 out of the 10 photo challenges the overall winning team was: Victims of BFE

Letterbox Posters – family team

Taking a cancellation place in the game and having travelled down from Sydney, the team GEOSAURUS did really well to take out first place under stuff competition from the other family teams.

Multi Masters – family team

with two kids in tow Jandaw made quick work of the family course and came out victorious!

Puzzlers – family team

It was a close competition with the puzzlers family teams, but Wonderdrug was first back into the stables (even navigating the whole course with a pusher!!) and came away with the prize.

Traditionalist – family team

With three kids to wrangle around the course, The Adventure-Nauts did a great job on the family course to take out first place for the Traditionalists squad.

Letterbox Posters

After a last minute hiccup with the game admin not allocating them a squad (sorry guys, my fault) the Cachebusters were given a no-shows place.  They were strong competitors and blitzed all the other Letterbox Posters in the field!

Multi Masters 

Coming from the wrong other side of the ditch, Team New Zealand gave sharkiefan a double birthday surprise of having an unexpected visit appear and surprise her on Saturday morning and taking out the Multi Master team prize!


Hailing from the inner north, these intrepid geocachers are to be congratulated for competing so well with two underage members in their team, well done to the Kangamasters


Made up of three SA teams, TieLoClare blitzed the locals and took out the ribbon. To save arguments about who was going to get it, they have asked us to look into how much getting some duplicates made will cost!

Photo Challenge

With an impressive 7 teams completing all of the photo for the Photo Challenge, the adjudicators were forced to do a random number draw for this prize.  We drew the South Australian team who’s name is made up of an anagram of all their team names.  I was unable to announce their name at the awards ceremony (as I hadn’t written it down), but I can put it here: SA complex sized punk goat winery door hole

Mini game / Best Poker hand

Over half of the team playing the both games were able to submit complete poker hands and enter this mini competition.  With hands ranging from a 10, to a pair of 2 and as good as 3 queens and two pairs!! The winning hand though went to PinkPiggy7 with a straight!

Best dressed team

After the madness of Saturday was over and the committee was fed and watered, the Tournament photographer sat us down to look at the entries in the Best Dressed Team competition.  Boy were we impressed! Because of this we decided to award a couple of extra prizes.  All the entries can be seen here

Best Dressed Family Team

Rusty Day – winning two WA goes Big coins

Best Dressed Team

Cachebusters – Winning the ribbon and 3 2015 Melbourne Event coins

The Synchronised T-shirt Award

Team Clarmensma – winning 2 2015 Melbourne Event coins

Best Legs Award

Goths+1 – winning a WA Goes Big coin

Best performance at a physical challenge

A difficult award to judge, and there were many fantastic performances over the course of the day, but in the end the team has decided to award team Jaktembo the prize, for the kids out preforming the adults at Activity Point 3 the bean bag toss.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken during the Victorian Geocaching Tournament.

Here is a list of the teams, their squads and their final scores.

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