Surf Coast – and the winners are….

We ran a number of competitions at the Mega this year and we have a number of winners to announce.  In a separate pose, we will also have a run down of all the antics and winners of the Victorian Geocaching Tournament.

First to Find

All money raised in the First to Find raffle this year will be being donated to the Stroke Foundation.  Thanks to everyone’s generous support, we will be forwarding them $446

We invited one of the two visiting ladies from Germany to draw a winner and the lucky winners were Southern Cross Caching from South Australia!  Their prize is currently driving home to them.

Caches in the Fish Tank

For most of the weekend the guess the number of caches in the fish tank competition was being run by the local CFA and all money raised gone has to them.

Amazingly we had a DRAW with two teams correctly guessing 196 caches in the fish tank. We were able to rustle up a 2nd Unobtainium Geocoin which were awarded to two very happy ladies.  Congratulations to Mary of maccamob and carkisser.



Despite Sunday being a much quieter day than Saturday, we still had plenty of people running around and meeting new people whilst filling in their GeoBingo cards.  We decided to have two draws this year, one with the whole sheet filled out, and one with just one line completed.

Whole sheet

Matetrix from Canberra, who is IamCoust‘s son, will be taking away an Unobtainium Geocoin

Geo-Bingo – one line

Awesome Nugget from Ballarat, who was attending the Surf Coast event with his family, has won a Limited Edition Surf Coast Event 2016 glitter Geocoin!

Volunteer thank you prize

In addition to the warm glow of happiness all our volunteers got from helping make the Surf Coast Event the amazing event it was, they got the fantastic Henchmen and Henchwomen shirts you will have seen all over the place for the  weekend.   We also had one amazingly generous anonymous geocacher donate a very impressive double sided folding ladder, which we decided to use in a draw of all the volunteers for the weekend as another way of saying “Thanks for giving up some of your weekend to help everyone have a fun time!”  Our random winner was GJMMelb!!! So congratulations to them and thanks to all the amazing volunteers over the weekend!

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