2016 Award Events

The Award Events for 2016 have been published. As last year there are the Victorian Cache of the Year Awards as well as the Victorian Geocaching Adventure Festival. There isn’t much of an overlap in the award categories of each event so it’s definitely worth nominating caches for both and of course also voting and attending the events. Go check them out:

VGAF 2016 Elogo h215.png

Both Nomination Forms are already open so you better get your list together 🙂 And of course I got a hint for you as well. If you’re looking for good pictures to nominate, check out the gallery of some cachers:

  • Just go to geocaching.com/find
  • Type in the username of a cacher you suspect to take cool pics (e.g. mine would be º )
  • Click on the 5th tab “Gallery”
  • Browse and select

Enjoy the awards and best of luck with the nominations as well as voting for all cache owners

Cheers Philipp

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