End of June Alexandra Announcement

As mentioned earlier this month, the #AX2017 shop is now open for business, so if you are planning on booking powered accommodation onsite at the event in November, then you may want to act sooner rather than later as spots are filling fast. There are only 15 powered sites left people! Head to the Store to secure your spot. If you do miss out on a powered site, or if you want to ‘rough it’, we also have unpowered sites available for you to utilise. There are plenty of things to do around Alexandra and Eildon, and many quality caches to be found, so if you would like to extend your stay and experience more of what this fantastic part of the state has to offer, may we suggest making the event site your GZ and book a couple of extra nights before or after the event. Just let us know when booking 😊

But of course that is not all, the #AX2017 shop is also the place to go to pre-order your very own set of event pathtags. You can nab yourself a trading set, where you receive five pathtags of the same design, ready for swapping at the event or, if swapping isn’t your style, you can always fork out a little more of your hard-earned and order a complete set from the get-go.

Do you have some wares to sell at the event? A product that you feel will interest fellow geocachers? We can accommodate that too 😊 Shoot us an email at info@geocaching.melbourne for more info regarding becoming an event stall holder.

Still not sure what to wear on the big day? Don’t forget you can to head to the Spreadshirt shop and put your own spin on some #AX2017 merchandise. Profits from the sale of this merchandise go back into making this year’s MEGA in Alexandra the best yet, so not only will you end up with some awesome clothes, but you are also helping make a difference for all who attend the event, including yourself. Win-win 😊

Now, it’s quite easy to get caught up in all the excitement of the MEGA and forget to log your ‘Will Attend’, so just pause for a second and ask yourself, have I logged my ‘Will Attend’ yet? If the answer is hmm, maybe not, then now may be a good idea to head to the event page at on Geocaching.com to log a ‘Will Attend’ right now, while you are thinking of it 😊

Once you have got all the pre-event nitty gritty stuff sorted, join our Journey to #AX2017 Chatterbox Facebook group. We have specifically launched this group to provide you with updates and info – all things related to the lead-up to #AX2017.

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