Oxfam Trailwalker & Geocaching Victoria

Did you know that there are three teams from Geocaching Victoria in this year’s Oxfam Trailwalker raising important funds for this very important cause? 

The first team consists of Karen (carkisser), Michelle (Team Smokey Bear) and Donna and Erica (Jaktembo).  The second team is Andrew (Happy Pants), Ross (The Welder), Michael (Buhfuhguh) and Jess (teammoss5).  The third team is James (Zeus, Hera & Kids), Freuke, Darren (Burge) and Paul (waferthin).  These twelve guys will each walk the 100 kilometres of the course with their teams to help raise these funds (and probably find some geocaches along the way).

fern oxfam yellow TEXT-01You can help support these teams by buying this specially minted geocoin.  Geocaching Victoria is covering all of the productions costs of this coin, so every dollar spent on these coins goes straight to the teams raising funds for Oxfam.  The coin is hardened enamel and comes with its own unique tracking code.  It depicts our little mascot, Fern, out on the trail training for Oxfam.  You can purchase one of these coins for only $25 by following this link.  Pick up is available at The Parkville Event 2018 MEGA, or there are postage options available too.

Or, you can donate to any one of the teams directly, or to anyone of the walkers in particular, by following the links to their team pages provided below.

Team 1 – Karen (carkisser), Michelle (Team Smokey Bear), Donna and Erica (Jaktembo)

Team 2 – Ross (The Welder), Andrew (Happy Pants), Michael (Buhfuhguh) and Jess (teammoss5)

Team 3 – James (Zeus, Hera and kids), Darren (Burge), Freuke, Paul (waferthin)

Geocaching Victoria would like to thank not only these 12 people for representing the geocaching community at the Oxfam Trailwalker again, but also the other geocachers and partners of geocachers who have volunteered to man the massive support crew that helps see these guys complete this gruelling course.  Well done to you all.

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