UPDATE – The Parkville Event – 11/2/2018

And another fortnight rolls around (well it’s been three weeks actually, but who’s counting?).  The Parkville Event organizing committee have been busy making some exciting new contacts and developing plans to make The Parkville Event one VERY special MEGA event.  So what’s new to announce this week?

schedule iconWell did anyone notice that the schedule for the weekend’s activities is up?  Yep, you can see it on our website by following this link.  Of course with 9 months still to go, the schedule may change a bit but at this stage this is what we are aiming for.  There are also quite a few other things that are in the pipeline that haven’t been 100% confirmed yet, but we will keep you up to date on those as they come along.  So if you are one of those people who like to plan your geocaching adventure WELL in advance, or your thinking of volunteering to help out at this MEGA, check it out, there are some very exciting things planned for the weekend so far.

draft3And in case you missed it, accommodation is still available for the Friday and Saturday night of the event, right at GZ.  Dorm style accommodation is available on location for a comparable price to a back packers (without the terrible smells though).  PLUS, you get to be right on location from the start through to the finish AND there are plenty of extra fun and games planned for those who are staying overnight that aren’t available for those who are not staying.  DOUBLE PLUS, if you’re coming in from interstate or overseas and you’re staying with us at Urban Camp, we can organise pick up for you from the airport, just send us an email with your flight details and we will meet you.  How cool is that?  Beds start at just $130 for the two nights (that’s only $65 per night) and there are options to book out an entire room too.  But hurry because there are only a limited number of beds.  You can follow this link to book your accommodation at Urban Camp now.

Tennesee Event

Tennessee Event (GC7FXME)

Since our last BLOG post we have had 3 new lead up events.  On the 26th of January in Bristol UK, 12 teams celebrated Australia Day and got a souvenir for their troubles as well as learnt a whole heap about The Parkville Event too.  On the 28th of January, 8 teams made it all the way to Geraldton, Western Australia in probably very different weather to soak up some sunrays by the beach and also gather a souvenir and learn about The Parkville Event.  And, on the 3rd of February in a town called Chattanooga in Tennessee, USA, 7 teams celebrated the upcoming MEGA event a long way away in Parkville, Victoria, Australia. 

Bristol UK

Bristol Event (GC7G35R)

Today we have two new lead up events being run, one in Lincoln, United Kingdom and one in Auckland, New Zealand.  And next week look out for an event being run in Wodonga, Victoria and also one being run in Milan, Italy.  How VERY exciting and VERY diverse!


FTFWith all this excitement, you can bet that competition for the FTF on our event will be hot this year again.  As always we run a raffle for people to buy tickets to go into the draw to win the FTF prize.  This year’s FTF prize will not only come with the obvious prestige and glory of being able to call yourself the FTF for a MEGA event, but it will come with a specially minted unobtanium geocoin AND a sash that you can proudly wear forever and ever to remind everyone of your achievement.  Seriously though, it is all for a very good cause, all moneys raised through this raffle will be donated to our chosen charity this year which is Ronald McDonald House.  So follow this link to purchase your ticket in the draw to win the FTF prize for The Parkville Event 2018 and help support a worthwhile charity.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome on board our latest sponsor, the McDonalds at Flemington & at the Royal Children’s Hospital, who have already been integral in helping us organize raising funds for the Ronald Mc Donald House charity have come on board as a sponsor for our event.  Both the Flemington Mc Donald’s and the Mc Donald’s at the Royal Children’s Hospital are only a very short (less than 2k) walk or bike ride away from the MEGA site. 

Of course at this stage we would also like to thank our major sponsors, Cachly, Geostuff and geocaching.com who have all provided an inordinate amount of financial help for us to be able to put this kind of large event on and for it to be as successful as it is promising to be, so thank you guys!

Whilst we are on the topic of success, only 3 months in from this event being announced and with another 9 months still to go we have already hit the 200 Will Attend mark.  This includes many people from across the state of Victoria as well as from every state and territory in Australia.  Plus we have many teams already marking there Will Attends from overseas, including New Zealand, Sweden, Slovakia and of course the USA.  We have many basic members, premium members, Charter members and now even a Lackey coming to our event.  The organizing committee is excited to see the diversity of geocaching teams who are planning on coming to this event.

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024Don’t forget also that the official The Parkville Event 2018 t-shirts are available at one place and one place only.  One of our major sponsors, Geostuff, has the sole rights to distribute this beautiful t-shirt.  Available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes, they are available with customization to include your team name and tracking codes if you wish. You can check these t-shirts out by following this link. Note: All orders are pre-orders for either delivery or pick up at the store when stock arrives or for pick up at The Parkville Event 2018 on the weekend of the event.

And of course, as it will probably become the worst kept secret in geocaching in Victoria anyway, we’d like to announce that work has already started on a huge geo-art project.  Of course we are not at liberty to talk about all the details, as these will certainly become evident soon, but what we can say for now is that every puzzle will be made by someone different.  Dozens and dozens of geocaching teams from all over the place have been asked to contribute one puzzle and one puzzle only to this geoart with the idea that each puzzle making up the geo art is going to be different and unique in its own way.  This is a very exciting and is definitely a MEGA project that has been being worked on for many months, even before the Parkville Event 2018 was announced.

fern oxfam yellow TEXT-01And of course for a few months we have put on hold promoting the fabulous geocoins for the Parkville Event as we concentrate on selling the coins raising funds for the Geocaching Victoria Oxfam walkers.  This beautiful coin depicting Fern on the Oxfam trail and is selling for only $25 and all proceeds of the sales go to the Oxfam charity.  Geocaching Victoria is picking up the tab on all the costs involved in producing these coins, so every $25 spent on these coins goes directly to the  charity efforts of the three teams involved.  You can purchase this special geocoin by following this link and help support our walkers.

Finally we are on to this editions geocache(s) of the fortnight and this week we are looking at the nearest LARGE size container to our event.  And so this week we turn the spotlight on GC7GETR, The Razorback Crawler.  This is a multi cache that starts only 350 meters away from the MEGA event, but it ends quite a distance away.  However, judging by the three teams out of four that have completed it and given it a FAV point and the very complimentary logs that it is receiving, as well as having a “Recommended for Kids” attribute, this certainly looks like a geocache that should be on most people’s “to do” list!  To check out all the other previous geocache(s) of the fortnight, you can follow this link.

And that about sums up this fortnights BLOG post.  If you have any questions about the upcoming MEGA event in Parkville, you can check out our FAQ section by following this link, and if that doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to email us your question and we can happily answer it for you (if we know the answer yet).  Happy caching from the Parkville Event organizing committee.



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