The St Arnaud Event – May update

Welcome to The St Arnaud Event May update. The committee are working behind the scenes to bring you the best MEGA event we can – all for FREE! Remember to REGISTER HERE as this year we will be crossing off names at the event to ensure everyone who registered early gets their gift.

The lead up events have continued and in March, April and May we’ve seen events in Walhalla (Vic), Lismore (NSW), Cowes (Vic), Bradden (ACT) and Mt Gambier (Vic). Thanks to our hosts for helping to spread the word about The St Arnaud Event 2019.



More lead up events are published so be sure to get along. The more you attend the more tickets you earn in the prize draw for an unobtainium geocoin…

GC83F95 Portland, Vic Saturday 18th of May, 2019, 10:00am
GC8505C Wangaratta, Vic Saturday 15th of June, 2019, 10:00am
GC869D14 Geraldton, WA Saturday 13th of July, 2019, 10:00am
GC85NAG Camperdown, Vic Sunday 21st of July, 2019, 10:00am


St Arnaud Geo Coins & Pathtags

The St Arnaud Event 2019 MEGA Committee is very excited to announce that the standard and limited edition geocoins are now for sale in the Geocaching Victoria store.

The Standard coin has been specifically designed for the event and features Fern the ledbeater possum as well as some stunning Australian flora including Victoria’s floral emblem – the Pink Heath. What sets this coin apart is that it is a 3D textured coin. If you’ve seen one before you know how magnificent they look – if not you will definitely want one for your collection! Coins are $16 each. Order here.

ST A standard coin

The Limited Edition coins come in three different colours and aims to depict the farming communities that are located within the St Arnaud district. Get in quick as these are limited in number! This coin is 3 inches in size so nice to add to the collection. Limited edition coins are $34 each. Order here.

LE tractor coins

And whilst in the store don’t forget to purchase your St Arnaud Pathtags too!

St A 5 set

Geocaching in St Arnaud – Bush Meander series (BM)

After the huge success of the Firebreak series in 2014, locals FUF009 and Tyred n Cranky teamed up to again create the Bush Meander series in 2015. For those who had found the earlier series, expectations were high and finders were not disappointed!

The BM series is 25 beautifully constructed caches comprising of 22 trads, a unique multi and 2 puzzles that require numbers to be collected along the way.

A total of 2,653* smilies have been earned on this series, #1 Queen Mary (GC617PX) tops the found list with a total of 120* found it logs. Over 680* favourite points have been awarded to the series overall with #21 Rocky Ridge Station (GC61JXD) taking out the honour of ‘most favourited’ cache of the series with 77% fave points*.

Be sure to put this series on your to-do list!

*Statistics current as of 27 April 2019


It’s thanks to amazing supporters that make a MEGA event possible. This includes Caching Supplies AND GeoStuff who will both have their shop on site during the Mega. We’ve also had donations from Sssafe and Sistema so a big thanks to them too. It’s also important to note that this event isn’t possible without the support of the Northern Grampians Shire Council so thank you NGS – your support in invaluable! And we can’t forget the amazing support from PathTags and Geocaching HQ   who help to make this dream a reality! Thanks guys!

NGS logo

First to Find (FTF) Raffle

We know people love chasing FTFs – how would you like a MEGA Event FTF? This raffle supports the amazing work done by The St Arnaud Agricultural Society (whose premises we are using and who do an amazing job of coordinating the St Arnaud Show). So if you are a FTF hound, or you just want to support a really great charity, then you can go in the draw to earn the right to call yourself the FTFer of The St Arnaud Event, 2019. Tickets are only $2 and you may win FTF and an unobtainium geocoin… You can purchase your tickets in this wonderful raffle by following this link!

St A Ag society

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