Wonderful Wangaratta

Situated in the beautiful Ovens Valley, the City of Wangaratta straddles both banks of the Ovens River. It is home to just over 20,000 people and, of course, some great caches!

Wangaratta is the gateway to amazing bushland and some fabulous parks. Of particular interest is The Bush Tucker Garden as well as many smaller playgrounds and recreational areas. The Ovens River provides a meandering ribbon of green land through the city – which means more parks and outdoor areas for you to enjoy. The Warby-Ovens National Park is just a short drive or cycle away and has lots of interesting walks and treks for varying abilities.

Within the city there are some great landmarks and historical buildings including the Holy Trinity Cathedral, The Art Gallery and the Memorial Gardens. Half-day walking tours are run from the Information Centre and provide a great overview of the rich history of the city.

Once you have taken in the city and all its marvels (including the coffee, did I mention that there’s coffee?) then you’re ready to branch out to the surrounding areas.

Explore exciting Bushranger history with the Kelly Gang at Glenrowan, or find hidden pockets of wilderness along the many cycling trails.

If cycling and walking’s not really your style, why not visit some of the many wineries, craft breweries and food producers in the region? (You’ll need some cheese to go with all that wine 🙂 )

So much to explore and engage the senses in this fabulous gem in the North East. Be careful – you might even forget to cache! 🙂

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