GPS Maze Australia Update

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the aMAZEing news that a GPS Adventure Exhibit is coming to Australia for the first time ever. In fact it’s the first time an adventure maze has ever made an appearance in the southern hemisphere! It’s free to attend at The Wangaratta Event 2021. Make sure you let us know if you are coming to the MEGA and the MAZE!

We have been heartened by the response for people to come on board as a Foundation Friend of the Maze (FFOTM) supporter. Without your help the Maze would not be going ahead. Thanks a million! FFOTM would have received an email (Update #1) that they need to respond to. If you haven’t responded please check your emails and do so quickly!

We still have a room for a few more Foundation Friend of the Maze members. This opportunity closes on Sunday August 8th so if you are keen to become a FFOTM join soon!

We are also excited to show you the merchandise that will be available at the Maze. This includes some aMAZEing coins, a sling bag, a t-shirt and a pen & sticker. These items are all available for purchase in the Geocaching Victoria store.

The coins are currently on a pre-order special for $30 (usually $35) and come in two colours – orange and grey and the maze is 3D!

Or maybe coins aren’t your thing. Maybe you need a funky new bag to store all your geocaching goodies in?

Head to the website to view and purchase all merchandise items.

As the committee continues to work behind the scenes we would love to hear from people who have a great geocaching picture or story that we might be able to include in the Maze. Also any historical item you might like to donate? If you have something to contribute please email

Events like this are only possible because of our sponsors. We thank our Foundation Friends of the Maze, our friends at Geocaching Victoria IncGeostuff, Exponential Digital Marketing and Geocaching HQ for their support.  

Coins, Caps and Coverings!

Have you checked out the Geocaching Victoria Shop lately?

We’ve added lots of goodies recently – here are the highlights!

Let’s start with those special items on sale!

Our beautiful Limited Edition Wangaratta Geocoin comes in two versions, Winter and Summer. Designed by Darren at Omegaman Designs, the coins feature Clancy the Cormorant on one side and Mountains and Music on the other. This is a must-have (or maybe even two must-haves!) for your collection. Currently on sale for $35 each, they go back to the regular price of $40 on July 1st, so you’ll need to get in quick!

We have also added some hats and hoodies to the site. Hoodies are fleeced lined and available in both adults and kids sizes. They come emblazoned with the Geocaching Victoria logo on the left and you can add your caching name and/or tracking code on the right as an optional extra. Hoodies are $59 and will be placed on pre-order.

There are two new caps up for grabs – one with a Geocaching Victoria logo and one with a Wangaratta Event logo. Regular price for each is $29.95, but the Wangaratta version is on special at $28 each until 31 July. Why not order both?

An A-Maze-ing Adventure!

Something very exciting is happening in November. Not only will we be having our first Victorian Mega in more than a year with The Wangaratta Event, but we will also be having an Australian First!

Thanks to our very generous sponsors, Geocaching Victoria, and, you can join us in the very first GPS Adventure Maze (GC9C72H) in Australia – indeed, in the Southern Hemisphere! This will be the first time an Adventure Maze will appear outside of Europe or the US.

But what is this wondrous thing, I hear you ask?

A GPS Adventure Maze leads you through a series of rooms that explores the wonders of GPS and Geocaching. It will be a delight for new and experienced cachers alike. And, on completion, there is a brand spanking new cache icon (in Australia, at least!) for you to collect!

This is also your chance to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. Yes, YOU can be the first to have this Amazing Adventure by becoming part of the exclusive “Foundation Friends of the Maze”. Foundation Friends will not only pick up some exclusive merch, but they will be the first (and only) people to go through the Maze on the Friday night of the Wangaratta Mega Event. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to find out more and to join the exclusive “Foundation Friends of the Maze”.

Saturday and Sunday are expected to be very busy indeed, so make the most of this opportunity.

For more information, check out Geocaching Victoria’s guide to the GPS Adventure Maze Down Under.

Clancy is here!

Once again, Darren Mannix of Omegaman Designs has outdone himself with our new logo. Featuring Clancy the Cormorant rearing to go on some exciting Geocaching adventures, it also incorporates the mountains local to the area.

How do you get your hands on this fabulous logo, I hear you ask? Well, the answer is easy! Visit the shop now to order your Official Wangaratta Event polo shirt. The shirt comes in both adults and kids sizes and is made from 100% polyester moisture wicking fabric so that you can stay cool and comfortable while caching as well as while sampling the local cafes :). For more details on sizing, please see the shop listing.

Adult Polo

Sizes: S-5XL

Price: $45

Kids Polo

Sizes: 4-14

Price: $42

If you would like to add embroidery it will be an additional $8 ($13 if you want to activate a new tracking code.) Again, all these details are on the shop website. Shirts are strictly pre-order and will be manufactured when there is a reasonable quantity ordered.

While you are shopping, make sure you check out our coins and pathtags – they’re just begging to be added to your cart!

Something special this way comes…

endangered-species_1620602921102 (1)We are pleased to announce that we have a very special, very limited, new set of pathtags for you from the Wangaratta Event. Designed by Darren from Omegaman Designs, these beautiful pathtags feature five Endangered Australian animals.

bird_1620602921097The Australian Painted Snipe inhibits shallow, often temporary, wetlands in Victorian and New South Wales. It feeds overnight on seeds and small invertebrates, which it scoops up in its spoonlike bill.

fish_1620602921106Also known as Trout Cod, the Bluenose Cod is so endangered that the only existing self-sustaining population is in the Seven Creeks system near Euroa. New populations are being seeded in the Goulburn Valley and Ovens River.

frog_1620602921109The Spotted Tree Frog inhabits rocky mountain streams in Victoria and New South Wales, but only 1000 frogs remain in the wild. While the juvenile mortality rate is high, these frogs can live up to 10 years – which is a long time for a frog!

python_1620602921113The Inland Carpet Python inhabits the drier areas of the Murray-Darling Basin from Queensland to Victoria and they are the only Victorian snake that guards their eggs. While these beautiful snakes are non-venomous, they can still deliver a nasty bite, so are best viewed from a distance.

quoll_1620602921116The Spotted Tail Quoll is nocturnal and lives along the Eastern Coastal region of Australia, from Southern Queensland down to Tasmania. It hunts smaller mammals, birds and reptiles.

Click here now to pre-order your limited edition set! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Each set is $30 and will be available in November 2021. Your set can be posted to you or collected from The Wangaratta Event.