How did we get to JUNE!!

Winter is definitely upon us with colder days and shorter hours of sunlight, but hopefully everyone is managing to still get out and find those caches!

A big thanks to all those who contributed to the Kudos month of May – it was great to see so many in our community recognised and celebrated and if you didn’t get to read them, it is well worth going through the great posts.

We have two special winners for May… firstly from all the geocachers that nominated, our winner was Noam (leafotwind) and for those nominated it was Peter (MisterDoctor). We will be in touch soon to organise your monthly prize congratulations.

Now with June upon us, we launch our new competition. During the month of June, we have a number of events schedule across Victoria – we are hoping that you can attend one, take a photo and share it of your group. We would love to see a photo from a June event, but all 2022 event photos will be accepted as part of the competition.

Please note, any pictures shared may be used on our website or publications. We look forward to seeing your group photos.

2 thoughts on “How did we get to JUNE!!

  1. Hi,
    I’m unsure on the direct way to share it?
    Are you meant you just share a photo on the event page, attended log or enter a photo on FB or here?

    • you can either add to webpage as comment or comment on facebook – I will go through and collect all as valid entries.

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