Juicy July Goss!

We have offically passed solstice, so I for one am looking forward to the warmer days and longer days of sunshine!! Despite the weather, it has been great to see so many events occuring over the past month and we loved seeing your photos, so thank you for sharing! June’s Event Photo competition winner is Cracknleelee. We will be in contact soon with details of your prize.

What is amazing though, we appear to have more events scheduled in July than we did last month, so if you have a free weekend, make sure you check out all the events on offer.

BernieH’s July Challenge

For the month of July, we have a special challenge… one set by our lovely committee member Bernie Hollaway. As I am sure most of you know, he has been caching for the past ten years and has achieved so many milestones but he has one that has elluded him for some time that he would love to achieve……. and for anyone who loves data, numbers and challenges, will appreciate this.

Bernie has one final date left in his “Placed caches by found date” – which means for all the caches he currently has hidden (over 100 active caches), they have been found on every calendar day EXCEPT ONE!! That key date is 11th July!!!

And so the challenge for the month is, you need to find a BernieH cache on the 11th July and the winner will be the best found log for a find on that day on a BernieH hide! To help you with this challenge, we have created a BernieH cache list – https://coord.info/BMB60XG

1 thought on “Juicy July Goss!

  1. I had seen the Facebook post back in early December 2021 about this one missing date. As someone who is trying to complete my Found by Date calendar this year I can feel BernieH’s pain and frustration with leaving one remaining date open. I have to wait until the next leap year to finish off mine!!! But glad he no longer have to wait to complete this amazing achievement.

    With you BernieH being in my top ten finds by owner with over 25 finds. I knew I had to come out today to try and help him finish off this achievement as he has provided me with so much fun over the past year. Thanks for giving so much time back to the game for so many others, like me, can enjoy!

    Congrats on completing this milestone!!!!

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