The Melbourne Event Update – May

TGIF! Yeah! 🙂

It’s a bit over a month since our last announcement and the will attend numbers crawled up to almost 400 with well over 600 cachers planning on joining the fun. We are well heading towards a MEGA event < There we said it.

  • FREE EVENT – Nothing has changed and this will be a free event at no cost to you. In fact we’re in negotiation with some sponsors so you’re actually getting something for rocking up – how good is that?!?
  • GEOCOINS – Yes 🙂 there will be shiny things – trackable shiny things. You can order yours now at:
  • ACTIVITIES – We’ve  got a couple more activities to announce. You will find all of them with a full description at
    > Meet the Reviewers – Bunjil and some other reviewers will give you a bit insight into the reviewing process.
    > Meet the Mountaineer who placed North America’s highest cache. She’ll bring all the gear as well.
    > Navigation, the old fashioned way, GPS free (map, compass and stuff!)
    > Smartphone Software – Which apps are out there and how can I use them?
    > Canoeing and Kayaking introduction – come and try (booking required – small fee)
    > Trackable design – How to make your own shiny things.
    > … and there is still more to come!
  • MASCOT – Have you met the new mascot of Geocaching Melbourne? Welcome our cute little Leadbeater’s Possum: Fern the Forest Fairy. Leadbeater’s possums (also known as Forest Fairy) are critically endangered and restricted to small pockets of remaining old growth mountain ash forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria north-east of Melbourne. They live were we like to play and of course they are the #cutestthingeverIMG_0285
  • STATISTICS – What happens when you have all sorts of geeks with too much time up their sleeves? Exactly. They start to create stats. Here is a graph and some tables.
    may stats2 may stats
  • SPONSORSHIP – Carl from is going into production with the first merchandise. So make sure to visit his shop soon.

Have an amazing weekend and invite your geocaching buddies to come along for a good time in November!


The Geocachers of Victoria

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