Activities update – Things with Ropes

Are you suffering from vertigo? Quick! Go to another website! Hurry up!

Alright. You’re still here. Great because there will be another activity for The Melbourne Event in November. Actually there will be two more! It’s up to you what to participate in, they are all part of the event, none are compulsory and attendance at the activities is not required to claim a find on the event.


The youngest climbing tree-cacher – Isabella – shows how it’s done

Have you seen all these tree-caches popping up like mushrooms around Melbourne? Do you wonder how these weird people place and find them? Do you think, that’s something you want to learn? Great 🙂 because we are very happy to announce that the Victorian Climbing Club and the T5 Geocaching Australia group will host some sessions around the topic of climbing trees

  • Recreational Tree Climbing for Beginners
    This is a beginners course for technical tree climbing. This course will show you the basics of climbing a tree with a rope without hurting yourself or the tree.
    The course will be held by the VCC and you have to be a member to participate however we reckon it’s well worth the money. Bookings have to be made directly with the Victorian Climbing Club.
    VCC white
  • Rope Safety Session
    This is a free session for everyone. We won’t show you how to climb a rock, a tree or a giant mountain but we will show you all the little things which go wrong in the process. This is more about highlighting that caching with ropes has a lot of hidden traps and shouldn’t be attempted by “giving it a crack”. The session is open to everyone: climbing and non-climbing cachers.  Some might want to check if they need a refresher course and others might be just curious to see what all the fuss is about. Thanks to the T5 Geocaching Australia group for setting this one up.

2 thoughts on “Activities update – Things with Ropes

  1. Any idea when registration for the tree climbing event will be open? I can’t find anything on the VCC page…

    • The event hasn’t been set yet. However it will be a free event for VCC members so if you want to sign up with the VCC, you can do that today.
      There will be more VCC tree climbing trips before November as well.

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