Extreme Roadtripping

The Geocaching road trip is upon us and the most difficult challenge lies in front : Find a D5 or T5 cache.  

 Some of you eat risk for breakfast (I know – it tastes like beacon) so this  is merely a challenge but  most cachers haven’t even done one of these caches – where do you even start?

  • For D5 caches there are some evil mind benders out there which can drive the best puzzle solvers to insanity. Mention Masonic Cipher or 1789 to people and you’ll get the vibe.
  • On the T5 side there are also some equal insane caches out there.

However this is not about showcasing caches which are made not to be found or killing you along the process – this is about getting the souvenir which starts on the 17th July! In order to make it a bit easier here are some good caches for T5 or D5 beginners:

Easy D5 and T5 caches around Melbourne  – Map View
They are all hand-picked in order to make your life a bit easier. You’re welcome 🙂

P.S.: Kayak caches are left out deliberately because at that time of year the can kill you … really fast.

3 thoughts on “Extreme Roadtripping

  1. Great list Philipp, especially for those of us who don’t feel equipped, clever, or fit enough to do the ‘true fives’!

    These are two ‘easy fives’ that I picked out for the 17th….

    Herring Island Sculpture Park (http://coord.info/GC2708A): Just a few $ involved!

    Jump Start (http://coord.info/GC46BCV): Bit of stealth, or an odd time of day should sort it….

  2. Hey Eddie – Herring Island Punt doesn’t operate in winter but Jump Start looks good – I added it to the list. Thanks!

    • Thanks for that info re the Punt – I wasn’t aware of that! Saved me a panicked last minute late night run to another T5 or D5 if I’d tried that one!

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