The Melbourne Event Update – July

It has been a while 🙂

You may or may not have noticed: We officially reached the Mega Event Status. Yes – this is now the biggest event in the southern hemisphere. Ok only 12% of the world’s population lives there but it’s still awesome 🙂 If you’re following us on facebook, our website or instagram account, you probably know most of the below. However for your convenience we collated it in this simple post:

wpid-1433360166.jpg• FREE EVENT – We can’t stress this enough 😉 There is no entrance fee and almost all sessions are free to attend as well. Speaking of which:

• SESSIONS – We announced most of the upcoming sessions on our website at Now we just have to put them into the schedule and get the booking system up and running. Why do we need a booking system if it’s free? Because space is limited and we might have to shuffle some locations pending interest. You’ll be the first to know when it’s happening … well maybe after the volunteers :o)

VCC white• TREE CLIMBING – Due to some schedule clashes, we had to move the introduction into basic tree climbing. The date hasn’t been finalised but it will be on the weekend before OR on the Friday before the event. If you are superstitious, you probably don’t want to put your life on the line on Friday the 13th – for everyone else: watch this space and check out the Victorian Climbing Club who will set-up this trip*

willow-creek-vineyard_mp_credit-adrian-lander_r_1182111_503x283• WINERY TOUR – Do you have a partner who’s not that into Geocaching and can’t be bothered about searching for tupperware in the woods (aka sistema containers in the bush)? Yes we know the feeling but we still love them so don’t park them in Småland! Be nice and send them off on a Winery Tour! It’s happening on the Sunday. Booking will be available together with the sessions.

• SHIRTS – We heard you. Everyone wants some new shiny and fancy garment. Trust us – Carl is working on it and we are very confident you won’t be disappointed.

• SOUVENIR – Fern the Forest Fairy is already on the easel and painting a shiny souvenir for you to earn by attending The Melbourne Event 2015. Find out more about souvenirs at

• FUN AND GAMES – Can it get any better? Yes it can! We always said this will be fun so we are planning a couple of games. After all this is about bringing the Geocaching Community together.

• SPONSORSHIP – Beside Geostuff and Anvil Angus we welcome Logo_Geocaching_NightCacheGreyGeocaching as the latest sponsor :o) Happy Days!


Although there is a bunch of us who are running this event, we’re not supernatural and do need a helping hand. Actually we need heaps of them. If you want to help a couple of hours at a time over the two days, please get in touch. This is just general registration of interest and details will follow later. The volunteer registration form is available at (We haven’t released a precise volunteer schedule yet because the schedule for the session isn’t up and we want all volunteers to attend the sessions they are interested in)

Have an outstanding weekend, pray for snow and a special thanks in advance to everyone who registers as volunteer 🙂

Cheers and see you at Casey Fields in November!
The Geocachers of Victoria

* you have to be a member with the VCC to attend this trip.

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