And the Winner is!

It was a hard fierce and feisty competition but in the end there can be only one winner. This year’s Fern’s Cache Competition had throughout remarkable entries and it’s easy to say all of them are far beyond the average cache quality.  Thanks to everyone who got the tools out, created something great for the geocaching community and finally submitted an entry. Well done guys! Even with the combined experience of 20.000 finds , over 600 placed caches, 8 D/T loops and over 36 years of geocaching, the jury still had a hard time to find a winner. They collected 150 data-points of marks and poured them into a sophisticated rating-tool to come up with the following scores:

Ladies and Gentlemen!
The winners of the 2015 Fern’s Geocaching Competition are

  1. Jo Brock & Glen Kennedy with Fern’s Pyrenees Retreat
    Winning a golden unobtainium The Melbourne Event 2015 geocoin
  2. Karen Smit and with James Sanderson with Fairy Abode
    Winning a limited edition The Melbourne Event 2015 geocoin
  3. Elizabeth Shaw with Fern’s letterbox, Bass Valley.
    Winning a complete The Melbourne Event 2015 pathtag set in a nice laser-cut holder.
    We also like to point out that this is Elizabeth’s first cache placement ever and we’re pretty sure this one is a hot runner for the Victorian Cache of the Year in the category “Best First Cache”._

You will find all of these amazing entries on a Geocaching Melbourne bookmark list – and just to keep things interesting, I’ll give out some random geocoins out of Philipp’s tack room to the first cacher who finds all six geocaches and sends me a selfie of them with the cache-box. Just email me at when you’re done 🙂 Now go out find some caches or enjoy the gallery of the beautiful caches below.

Fern the Forest Fairy

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