Competetion winners

In addition to the Fern Competition (who winners were announced just prior to the Melbourne Event) we ran a heap of competitions over the weekend and we’d like to announce those winners now:

FTF Raffle

Drawn at just after 3pm by TheLoneBaker who were among the one travelled furthest to reach the event (all the way from east coast of the USA – there were four Swiss cachers who took the cup for the longest distance). The winning ticket belonged to:
She is now the proud owner of an unobtanium gold Melbourne Event geocoin.

Geocacher Bingo

(run on Saturday at the BBQ)
Since we had so many people going to the extra trouble fun to fill in the whole bingo card, we decided two prizes were in order. We sorted the entries into two set and had Mary of maccamob draw out two winners, once for the whole sheet, taking away an unobtanium gold Melbourne Event geocoin and one for completing a row who get a set Geocaching Melbourne Fern Pathtags in a specially crafted holder, of which only 5 have been made. The winners are:
Ikkibrady (geocoin)
alpenmilch80 (pathtag set)

Guess the number of geocaches in the fishtank

(run at the Try Stall)
The Try stall was amazed at how many of you came and made guesses at the number of caches in the fishtank, they ran of guess sheets a number of times, and you kept coming. In the end a few minions we tasked with the job of making the count at around 4pm on Sunday. We checked it twice and the final number was 121!! The winner, guessing the exact amount was:
He is now the proud owner of an unobtanium gold Melbourne Event geocoin


Technical issues meant that the entries in the widegame weren’t as plentiful as we hoped. There were people that seemed to submit all their answers from the one place and people who hadn’t allowed their web browsers to have access to their location. I can see we will have to improve this for next time…. back to the drawing board. For the good news, we did have enough correct entries to declare a winner and that is:
Tassie Treckers
They is now the proud owners of an unobtanium gold Melbourne Event geocoin

Lollies in the Jar Raffle

The winner of the jar of lollies was:

Kids Competitions

Fancy Dress: Nick, from Team tatty, dressed as batman
Colouring in: Vanessa&Aodh
Guess the cartoon characters: Lionbird and Jocelyn Doyle

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