Upload your selfies!

So, the Parkville Event 2018 has made it to 425 Will Attends. Which leads us on to our next announcement. As always, attendees of our MEGAs get an event bag absolutely free of charge which is full of all sorts of goodies. But, due to logistics and because we don’t run an official registration process, only the first 500 teams who log their Will Attend will receive an event bag. This doesn’t mean that if you haven’t logged a Will Attend that you can’t come of course, you are more than welcome to come along still, but it does mean that you may not get one of these really cool Event Bags.

As we have mentioned previously inside the event bag will be entries to many of the games and activities that will be going on over the weekend as well as the information brochure that has all the details of everything that is happening. Plus (and this is the new bit that hasn’t been announced before), there will be a super cool, uniquely logoed item inside the event bag that you are encouraged to wear over the weekend. And to add more incentive to wear this fantastic item (notice we are keeping the actual item a secret?), you are encouraged to take some selfies wearing this item and submit it to your favourite social media using #parkville2018. The winners of the best photos will win a very cool SSSAFE snake bite kit, provided to us from our very good friends and new sponsor SSSAFE.

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