Parkville Feedback and Resignations

Parkville Event Feedback

With the Parkville Event done and dusted, we would like to get some feedback from the community as to what was good, what wasn’t and where can we improve. If you could fill in your feedback for each team, it would be much appreciated. As an added incentive, we will be doing a lucky draw among the responses and the winner will receive a Parkville Event Unobtanium coin. Feedback closes midnight, Sunday 16th December 2018.


You can provide your feedback HERE.

Resignations & Nominations

Geocaching Victoria would like to announce that Day Gowland (day1976) has announced his resignation following the Parkville Mega Event. Day has been a big part of the Geocaching Victoria Committee since 2014 and it will be sad to see him leave. We would like to thank Day for all his hard work over the years and wish him well for his future projects.

Here is some final words from Day:

I would like to formally announce that following the finish of the Parkville MEGA, I have resigned from the Geocaching Victoria Inc committee.  I have been a committee member since its inception in 2014, and I am immensely proud of how far the incorporation has come since then.  Four years ago, there hadn’t even been a MEGA event in the state of Victoria, and at the time it looked like there may never be one. But, in just that short time, we have now held more MEGA events than any other state in Australia, with further still planned.

But more than just the MEGAs, I’m pleased to have been involved with so many of the other things that Geocaching Victoria does as well, and I am sure will continue to do.  Such as their collaboration with Parks Vic to hold CITOs, their involvement with the Oxfam Trailwalker every year, the 15 years of events celebration, their Australia Day celebration and all the wonderful other events that they have hosted over the years in every corner of the state of Victoria, throughout all of Australia and even overseas.

While it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, and over the years and I am sure I have ruffled some feathers here and there, I have always tried to make decisions that have best suited Geocaching Victoria and its key mission, “to promote the past-time of geocaching in the state of Victoria”. I am happy to say that I can walk away from this committee and continue as good friends with all those who remain.

Personally, I am looking forward now to spending some time finding caches again, and perhaps hiding a few new ones too.  I sincerely wish the St Arnaud organizing committee the best of luck on what I know will be a magnificent MEGA event, and I am confident that the future of Geocaching Victoria is in more than capable hands with those who remain on the Geocaching Victoria committee.

I look forward to seeing you all at events, out on the trails and maybe at a few FTFs.


Day (day1976)

We would like to also announce the resignation of Peter Taurins due to personal reasons. Again, we wish Peter well.

As a result of these resignations, the committee at Geocaching Victoria is looking for two new committee members and will be taking nominations via the Google form HERE. Nominations will be open until Wednesday 12th December 2018.

Annual General Meeting

Geocaching Victoria recently held it’s AGM and it resulted in the below:

President: Karen Ashford (carkisser)

Vice President: Louise Sullivan (louiseann)

Secretary: Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg)

Treasurer: Bernie Hollaway (BernieH)

Committee: Lorraine Sleep Ogilvie (The Tritonz)

Who else will be joining us in 2019?

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