Whittlesea Refunds Complete

Hi again, It has taken a little longer than expected, but the Whittlesea Event refunds for Coins, Pathtags, Shirts and camping have now been completed.

Anyone that has ordered anything else (Charity coins, past event coins or pathtags, bandannas or stubby holders), these have now been set for “Pickup at The Wangaratta Event”

If you want your order earlier, please contact Adriaan (adriaan@geocachingvictoria.com.au) and we can arrange either postage (A small fee involved) or pickup at a geocaching event once these are allowed in Victoria again.

If you have not received a refund but believe you should have, please email Bernie (treasurer@geocachingvictoria.com.au) and we’ll look into it.

Whittlesea Event Refunds

Hi All, just a quick note to let you all know that The Whittlesea Event refunds due to the cancellation of this years event have begun. Anyone that ordered Whittlesea event Geocoins, Pathtags, Camping or Shirts will be receiving a refund for these items. These refunds should be complete by the end of this week, but we need to work with Paypal for orders older than 120 days so it is taking a bit longer than expected.

If you did order items not related to The Whittlesea Event, these have been set for pickup at The Wangaratta Event next year. Alternatively you can have them posted for an additional fee, contact Adriaan for details or questions adriaan@geocachingvictoria.com.au

If by the end of this week you have not recieved a refund but believe you should have, please email our treasurer with your order number and details at treasurer@geocachingvictoria.com.au

We will post another announcement once we believe all refunds have been completed.

2020 Charity Geocoin Update

Due to manufacturing delays, Chinese New Year and now the coronavirus (COVID-19), there have been several delays in getting the charity coins finalised and manufactured. We are happy to say, thanks to some extra work from Darren from Omegaman Designs, the coins are finally in production. We are looking at approximately 30 Days for production. From then it would usually be about a week for them to get to us, but that’s likely to be longer this year. As soon as they arrive, they will be shipped for those that chose shipping or packed ready for those that chose to pickup at The Whittlesea Event.

Sadly for the three Geocaching Victoria teams that were all training very hard for the Oxfam Trailwalker Event, the event had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. On the bright side, the teams are all sticking together for the 2021 Trailwalker event.

We would like to thank you all for your patience in these very trying times and to assure you that progress has been made. While we did raise some much needed money for both the Victorian Bushfire Appeal and the Oxfam Trailwalker Teams, we do still have 16 coins left and available to order from the store.

As soon as either the coins arrive or they are sold out, the donation to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal will be made, equal to 50% of the profit from the sale of the coins. The Oxfam Trailwalker portion of the coin sales will be held for the three teams taking part in the 2021 event.

If you haven’t purchased a coin yet, they are available for order HERE:

Disaster and Charity

The last few days has seen the community come together, dig deep to help out 2 causes that I am very passionate about.

For the last 4 years, Geocaching Victoria has been fundraising to help out several teams taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker event by releasing a special geocoin. This year, in light of the bushfire disaster that is currently happening in the east and north east of Victoria, Geocaching Victoria have decided to make this years coin a dual charity coin. All profits from the sale of this coin will be split 50/50 between The Oxfam Trailwalker Teams and the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. The Victorian Government has partnered with Bendigo Bank and The Salvation Army to establish the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

I am immensely proud of my community who have come together as one and without prompting have shown their support by pre purchasing one of these beautifully designed geocoins. (Thanks Darren – Omegaman Designs)

If you have not ordered a coin yet, please dig deep, there is still time, just head to the Geocaching Victoria Store and place your order.


Thank you all once again,

Cache on.


New Committee Elections 2019

After a flurry of nominations, the Geocaching Victoria committee were very happy to receive 6 successful nominations. We have two positions available, so we will hold an election among the Victorian Geocaching community to see who you think would be best to fill the remaining spots. Voting will open as of now and close at 8pm on 18th January 2019.

Good luck to all nominees. The GVI Committee would be privileged to have any of you on board, and we look forward to working with the successful candidates very soon.

Below are the nominees and a small bit of (supplied) info about them and their caching.

  • Gemma Siemensma (GemmaSistema)
    Hi all, my name is Gemma Siemensma (aka GemmaSistema) and I am keen to be involved with Geocaching Victoria Inc (GVI). I hail from Ballarat and live with a muggle hubby and two geokids. I live in a cache filled and vibrant local geocaching community which over the years has seen me make new friends, gain new skills, learn about my local community and put my hand up to organise geocaching “stuff”. This has included local events, CITO’s with numerous groups/councils and a big Christmas in July cache-filled extravaganza. Most recently I was on the 2018 Parkville Mega Committee and I am also on the 2019 St Arnaud Mega Committee. I feel there is much I can bring to GVI. I’m organised, enthusiastic, committed, and open to new ideas. My skillset includes being able to work with a variety of people across numerous organisations and in my paid employment I’ve organised major events interstate with international speakers, chaired national strategic committees and given my heart and soul to what I do. I think of myself as being inclusive and will happily listen to others opinions and try to find a solution that will suit everyone. I love geocaching and think Victoria is in an amazing place to position itself as a leader both nationally and internationally and I’d like to help contribute to that!
  • Sarah Cameron (sharkiefan)
    My caching name is sharkiefan. I’ve worked on other Geocaching committees before, so this sort of thing is not new to me. I have a good relationship with the other committee members. I’ve placed a lot of caches, found a lot of caches and am familiar with Victoria as a state for rules and guidelines. I’m saving for a house so I have a bit of time on my hands. I’m also on the working group for the St Arnaud event so this would be useful to help with that too. I would like your votes please.
  • Stephen Handbury (Clever Monkey)
    For well over a decade I’ve been playing this diverse game. Based near Alexandra the community got severely affected by the Black Saturday Bushfires and that just encouraged me to lend a helping hand wherever I can. Although some might see me a bit as a shit-stirrer, I do believe this is just a game and we should enjoy it. In past I’ve been involved in the Melbourne, Surf Coast and Alexandra Mega events, brought the Lake Eildon Geotour to life and hosted numerous events.
    These days my caching consists of more or less well planned adventures. “Make your finds count – don’t count your finds” is the motto I go by and I’m convinced this is where I can add value to the Victorian Geocaching Community: Connecting the various type of players and getting the community closer together.
  • Philipp Hammes ( º )
    I’m a middle-aged man with an technical job, a nerd and dad. That’s pretty much the smack-bang average geocacher, isn’t it? Except I’ve been doing this since 2003 and found all kinds of caches all over the planet. As the game evolved over time, so did my caching style change – away from the numbers and more towards quality adventures.
    Now let’s be honest: To say I’m a controversial player is a bit of an understatement. I don’t hold back on voicing my opinion in a very German way: It normally gets served with cold hard facts and not everyone likes that. That doesn’t mean I don’t care for the community and I often do things in the background like negotiating with GC HQ for us to get the mega-status for the 2015 to 2017 events. I also run the big Geocaching facebook group and I’ve been a committee member before but left to focus on other things – mainly coping with becoming a dad. Now somebody thought it’d be time to come back and nominated me. I believe the there’s still work to be done to unify the geocaching community in Victoria while acknowledging the different styles at the same time.
  • Donna Moore (jaktembo)
    I am Donna from team Jaktembo which includes my partner and kids aged 12 &10. We started caching in 2015 but not seriously until 2016. We love that geocaching takes us to places we would never have visited otherwise. At first the kids moaned a bit but now they are pretty in to it. We spend hours together as a family puzzle solving on the bad weather days and finding caches on the good weather days. All our holiday locations are centred around geocaches in an area. We love meeting all the like minded people and love the megas! Our whole team/family (including the kids) are keen to be actively involved in the wider geocaching community. I am heavily involved as a player, coach and committee member of Upper Ferntree Gully Football Netball club. Last year I was honoured to receive the Best Playing Clubperson award. I served behind the bar and also helped to run the canteen on the home games. I play cricket for Launching Place United cricket club in the summer and until recently have been an active committee member in my club on and off for 25years. Unfortunately the club is a fair distance from where I live, hence why I am no longer on the committee. I am the delegate for the club and participate in Cricket Victoria meetings. In 2019 I will be participating in my 3rd Oxfam event, representing Geocaching Victoria. I take these roles very seriously and am 100% committed to doing what I can do to make these clubs successful. I enjoy the administrative and scheduling aspects of being on a committee. I have a strong sense of social justice and enjoy advocating for my peers. I am a “get in there and get it done” kinda person as people may have seen at the recent Parkville Mega. Although I was not involved with the committee of this event, I was keen to play a role. Myself and Erica were active behind the scenes in helping to make sure everyone had a great feed! We also manned the BBQ. I am super keen to get involved and share some ideas for the St Arnaud Mega. That is after we have done Oxfam and attended Canberra and Woolongong megas on the way!
  • Mark Barnes (Team☢aky)

After learning a bit about the candidates, you can cast your votes here: