The St Arnaud Event – follow up information

The Mega might have officially finished but we know plenty of geocachers are still out and about and as with any event there is always some follow up information!

Signal Trackables

Did you get a picture with Signal on Saturday and miss out on an “I Met Signal” trackable? We have a few left to send out so add your Signal image on the Geocaching Victoria Facebook page or email it to and we will randomly select 10 winners!

Receipts Game

Forgot to pop your receipts in the box or no longer in town to drop them at the caravan park? Email your receipts through to and we will add them to the stash! Make sure you tell us your name and mobile number in case you are the winner of the unobtainable coin!

Photo Competition

The photo competition is still happening. Tag your social media images with #starnaud2019 to be in the draw to win a cool prize. Competition closes Sunday the 24th November.


Please take the time to fill in our evaluation. We will use this to help with future planning:

Pathtag Trading Sets

If you didn’t quite manage to get all the “trading set” St Arnaud Pathtags don’t fear. It is important to Geocaching Victoria that no ones ends up without a complete set, so we are hoping to assist the geocachers involved to get in touch with each other and complete the required trades. If you have an incomplete trading set of pathtags, please get in touch with or via Geocaching Victoria FB messenger with the tag colour you have to trade and the tag colour you are missing and contact details you are happy to pass on to the other parties and we will help get you in touch with the missing pathtag holder.


Standard Edition Coin

We were trying something new with the standard edition coin this year and we were so happy with the response. It was so popular, that for the first time ever we have sold out completely!!! To make sure no one misses out, we are putting in another small order. We have the coin up for sale on the website now and orders will be closing at the end of the month, so please order now to avoid disappointment:


St Arnaud Shirts

We will also be placing one last order of shirts so make sure you order before the end of the month if you want to look as snazzy as everyone else! Order in the Geocaching Victoria Store:


Limited Edition Coins:

There are a few of these remaining so make sure you place your order to ensure you don’t miss out. Order here:

LE tractor coins


Congratulations to all the different winner across the weekend.

Friday CITO: Bushfire

Friday Night Event: Squalid

Saturday CITO: Monchichi1

Saturday Night: 6Hinemoa2

Sunday GIFF & Farewell: debandsteve

MEGA Event FTF: smiley1982

Lead Up Event Game: micaparamedic

Letterbox Game: surefoot24

Social Bingo: McAdies

Maccamob Raffle: Joolay

Far & Wide Game: LOP833



An event like this isn’t possible without many people who tirelessly worked behind the scenes. Firstly thanks you everyone who attended – without you there is no MEGA!

Thanks to the organising committee:  Becca85, FUF009, GemmaSistema, sharkiefan, The_Tritonz, Tyred n Cranky.

Thanks to the Geocaching Victoria Committee: ahomburg, BernieH, carkisser, CleverMonkey, GemmaSistema, LouiseAnn, The_Tritonz.

Thanks to the presenters/reviewers/lackey: Bunjil, Balyang/GeoawareANZ2, The Coffee’s, Ministro, Rock Chalk, Tschingal.

Thanks to the sponsors: GeoStuff, Caching Supplies, Sssafe, Sistema, Pathtags, Geocaching HQ, GeoVenture2020.

Thanks to those who helped in other (special) ways: day1976, McLookers, ozglory, beckNmonts, SteMicMitSar, Clever Monkey, highrod, maccamob, ILookedThere.

Thanks to the Lab Cache builders: Becca85, FUF009, Tyred n Cranky, Fergzter, beckNmonts, chooknchunk, GemmaSistema, carkisser, JSando, plowfive, micaparamedic, Cybergran V, BFMC, The Morris, 4Moule, Sims Family.

Thanks to those who volunteered on site: McLookers, maccamob, micaparamedic, n0w0rries, +Wife, suss vulture, Wollaston, wozzle68, JakTembo, Alansee, Muzza, chooknchunk, Sedgwick Dave, Hansand Linda, feathertop, sally_mally_616, Rustymac75, Posums, AussieFunSeekers, little blue wren, The Morris, cathlud.

Thanks to the local businesses and organisations that supported us: St Arnaud Sporting Club, St Arnaud Caravan Park, St Arnaud Rotary, St Arnaud Agricultural Society (special thanks to Tony Marland), Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network, St Arnaud Football/Netball Club, North Central News St Arnaud plus all the businesses across the town.

A huge special thanks to The Northern Grampians Shire for all their help and support.

Thanks to the town of St Arnaud for embracing us!

Thanks to everyone else who helped (of which their were many) in an unofficial capacity. As the cliché goes – many hands make light work.


The Whittlesea Event 2020

Did you hear the good news? We are doing it again in 2020! Get logging for The Whittlesea Event. It’s shaping up to be MEGA exciting:


2 thoughts on “The St Arnaud Event – follow up information

  1. A really outstanding event. Thanks to everyone involved.
    Another happy ending story from the Mega: I lost my car keys between St Arnaud and Adelaide in July. On Sunday pinkpiggy found them near a cache. The tag had our phone number on it so they have been returned.

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