The St Arnaud Event – Wrap Up

The dust has settled around St Arnaud and it’s just those last few things that the committee find themselves doing to tie off all those loose ends! What an EVENT! What a Year! Are you ready for 2020?

Receipts Game Winner

Congratulations to muff1 for being the winner of the receipts game. A staggering $20,830.84 was tallied in physical receipts – that’s incredible and certainly helps demonstrate the economic impact geocaching events can have in rural areas!

This can be broken down into:

Petrol: $3866.37;

Accommodation: $7247.00;

Food: $7238.13 (so many coffees);

Other: $2488.21 (pharmacy, books, crafts, clothes, op shops, hardware, camping store)

This excludes receipts we weren’t given (plenty of those), cash sales and money spent in surrounding towns.

Evaluation survey winner

Congratulations to Cliff5009 for being the winner of the evaluation survey. The information gathered here will be used to help plan further Mega events.

#StArnaud2019 Photo Competition Winner

Congrats to GeoTurtle37 for being the winner of the photo competition.


Honourable mentions go to ILookedThere and Tally Tiger for their entries too.

photo2 photo3

Merchandise update

The last batch of shirts have now been ordered. There are still some coins for sale with a new batch of Standard Coins on their way. Order here.



Pathtag Trading Sets

If you didn’t quite manage to get all the “trading set” St Arnaud Pathtags don’t fear. It is important to Geocaching Victoria that no ones ends up without a complete set, so we are hoping to assist the geocachers involved to get in touch with each other and complete the required trades. If you have an incomplete trading set of pathtags, please get in touch with or via Geocaching Victoria FB messenger with the tag colour you have to trade and the tag colour you are missing and contact details you are happy to pass on to the other parties and we will help get you in touch with the missing pathtag holder.

The Whittlesea Event 2020

In case you missed the news the next big thing happening in Victoria is The Whittlesea Event 2020. Register your “will attend” now! And in case you missed it, the event is now officially a…



Stay tuned as more information about The Whittlesea Event 2020 will be announced SOON!

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