Walks in the Warby

So, you’ve marked your calendars and booked your camping for The Wangaratta Event. What are you going to do when you get there?

Why don’t you check out the nearby Warby-Ovens National Park?

While the Ovens River section of the park has some great fishing spots, the Warby Range features beautiful forest and many walking and mountain bike trails. And they’re peppered liberally with close-to-the-track caches! What more could you want?

If you’re after a long hike, then the Ridge Track is the one for you. Starting from Taminick Stile and ending at the Mt Glenrowan Lookout it features stunning views over the Ovens and King Valley. There is a small section that is fairly steep, but most of it is a moderate walk. Our featured cache here is “Mad Dan’s Lookout” (GC2HF7B), so named after the legend that Dan Morgan (and also the Kelly gang) camped there to avoid the police.

Something more moderate is the Friends Track, which circles from Wenham’s Camp out to the Kwat Kwat Lookout and back (For directions to the lookout, checkout this cache here!) This is a Grade 3 walk with some steep sections and will take about 2 hours to do the 4.6 km. It’s also a mountain biking track, so watch out for cyclists.

Another shorter walk is the Pine Gully Falls and Nature walk – this is still a little steep for some but it’s only a 2 km round trip with a lovely hidden picnic ground on the way! Our featured cache here is “Pine Gully Falls & Nature Walk” (GC2HF83) which will lead you right there. If there has been recent rain you can even see the Falls.

If you’d like something somewhere in the middle, try the Warby Falls Heritage Trail. While it is a Grade 4 walk the trade off is that it ends up at the Taminick Winery, so you can rest up for the walk back… Or persuade a friend to pick you up 🙂

Whatever you choose, we look forward to hearing your stories next November (only 54 weeks to go!) See you there!

(Photos (c) B. Appleford 2020)

2 thoughts on “Walks in the Warby

  1. Just wondering if any of the trails/tracks mentioned above are suitable for use of a mountain bike – either partially or fully to reach the locations mentioned?

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