Bunnings, Milestones and Event Shirts

A Bunnings BBQ

Running FREE big events such as the Parkville MEGA doesn’t come cheap. In order to raise funds, we are running a couple of Bunnings BBQ’s. The first one went well, so later this month, we are doing it again. If you find yourself in the Brunswick area on October 28th, stop in and buy a sausage in bread to support Geocaching Victoria and the Parkville Mega. If you have some more time on your hands and are able to help for a couple of hours, just send us an email to info@geocachingvictoria.com.au and let us know when you are available. There will be a Geocaching event GC7WFTH too.


Parkville Event as a Milestone?

After the popularity of making the Alexandra Event a milestone, and receiving recognition of that last year, we are doing it all again. If you would like to make The Parkville Event a Milestone find, please register your intent via the official form HERE.


Parkville Shirts

The deadline for ordering personalised shirts is fast approaching. Only shirts pre-ordered will be available at the event at this stage.  You can order your Parkville Event Shirts with or without custom embroidery HERE.You can also order other Parkville related Souvenirs HERE.


Thank You

As per usual, we would like to thank our Major Sponsors. Without their ongoing support, big events like this would not be able to take place.

Our 2018 sponsors include Geocaching.com, Cachly, Pathtags.com, Caching Supplies, Clear Waters Event Queanbean Easter 2019,  City of Melbourne, Bunnings, McDonalds, Freddy’s Bike Tours, City West Waters, Sssafe and of course it goes without saying, The future attendees of The Parkville Event.


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