The geocoins have arrived.

That is right!  The geocoins for the Parkville MEGA event have finally arrived.  If you haven’t ordered one yet, now is your chance!

Limited Edition Parkville Geocoin.

Limited EditionThe limited edition Parkville 2018 geocoin is a beautiful coin.  It is a shaped coin which depicts our mascot Fern in front of the zoo with all her zoo friends from all over the world.  It is a full 2 inches wide, made from hardened enamel colours and comes complete with tracking code etched into the side.  This is wonderful commemorative coin that will be a must have for any collector or attendee of the Parkville Event. It is a limited edition coin with only 100 in production there is only limited stock available.
Limited Edition Zoom

Because the coin is so large, the detail that you can make out on this amazing coin is astounding.

Limited Edition Back

Plus, flip the coin over and rotate it 90 degrees and you will see another stunning design on the back as well.  Again, our mascot Fern, now dressed as a tram driver, standing in Royal Park with an iconic Melbourne tram behind her and in the background is the unmistakable Melbourne skyline.

Limited Edition Back Zoom

Again, because of the size of this coin, the level of detail is amazing.  This really is a truly spectacular geocoin, available for $40, you can still purchase these from our webstore by following this link.

Standard Edition Geocoin.

Standard Edition

This is the standard edition, round geocoin for The Parkville Event 2018.  It is a very colourful coin that also depicts our mascot Fern, but this time she is driving an iconic Melbourne tram and she is joined by her local friends, a platypus, koala and a kangaroo.  Also in hardened enamel colours with tracking code etched into the side, this is a great geocoin for a very affordable price.

Standard Edition Zoom

Also, not a tiny coin, the level of detail on this coin is almost as good as the Limited Edition version.

New Back

The back of our new round coins is our new logo.  You can purchase the standard edition geocoin from our webstore for only $16, by following this link.

Unobtanium Coin

UnobtaniumThis one is as always, not for sale.  The unobtanium coin is different from our past MEGAs.  It is essentially the same as the Limited Edition geocoin, but we have added glitter to highlight.  The only way to get your hands on one of these is through the many games and activities that will be being run over the MEGA weekend.

Thank You

As per usual, we would like to thank our Major Sponsors. Without their ongoing support, big events like this would not be able to take place.

Our 2018 sponsors include, Cachly,, Caching Supplies, Clear Waters Event Queanbean Easter 2019,  City of Melbourne, Bunnings, McDonalds, Freddy’s Bike Tours, City West Waters, Sssafe and of course it goes without saying, The future attendees of The Parkville Event.

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