The St Arnaud Event – only a few days to go!

Welcome to The St Arnaud Event update. Can you believe there are ONLY A FEW DAYS TO GO?

It is important that you log your “will attend” on any events you plan to attend so we can plan and cater accordingly. Check out the full Schedule so you can plan your weekend.

Event Updates


FRIDAY NIGHT: Due the overwhelming number expected on Friday night the Sports Club is putting on a buffet meal (one plate only – no second helping) at $19 per adult and $13 per child.

This will consist of Salt & Pepper Calamari, Honey Chicken, Fried Dim Sims, Beef and Black Bean, Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, Mixed Vegetables, Noodles, Chicken Schnitzel and Chips.

Meals can also be ordered from a reduced menu but this will take considerably longer.

Please be patient as they deal with such a huge influx of people and if you have eaten please ensure others can have your seat when their meal is ready. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

FRIDAY CITO: Please bring some secateurs if you have them to help with this CITO.

SATURDAY CITO: Due to recent rains the location of the Saturday CITO has been changed. If you have saved this one offline please update so you end up in the correct location!

Some statistics (so far…)

Did you know that there are:

  • 457 Will Attendsstats
  • 707 Attendees
  • 9 countries
  • Representatives from all states and territories
  • Cumulative finds of 2.3 million caches
  • A whooping 22,587 hides


Lab Caches

Two of the Lab Cache Adventures are now LIVE! There was a glitch with an apostrophe on iOS devices for the Historical Tour Lab Cache. This is now fixed. If you have saved offline please reload and save again. The other two Lab Adventures will be live on Saturday morning.



Food, Glorious Food

The Rotary Club of St Arnaud will be selling food across the weekend. This includes Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings (bacon and egg rolls), lunch on Saturday and Sunday (sausages and vegie burgers) and dinner on the Saturday night (sausages in addition to the supplied roast beef roll). Please bring plenty of loose change to support a worthy organisation.

There will also be a coffee van onsite. Rotary will also supply free standard tea and instant coffee so BYO coffee mugs if you want one!

We will also have a water refill station on site so remember to BYO a drink bottle!


Receipts game

We know that many of you are already enjoying the caches around St Arnaud. Don’t forget we are collecting receipts for the week pre and post Mega so we can see the economic impact an event like Geocaching can have for a small town.   Keep your receipts and bring them to the Mega Site on Saturday.



It’s thanks to amazing supporters that make a MEGA event possible. This includes GeoStuff who will be on site during the Mega. We’ve also had donations from our mates in South Australia who are organising a MEGA event there – GeoVenture2020, Caching SuppliesSssafe and Sistema so a big thanks to them too. It’s also important to note that this event isn’t possible without the support of the Northern Grampians Shire Council so thank you NGS – your support is invaluable! And we can’t forget the amazing support from PathTags and Geocaching HQ   who help to make this dream a reality! Thanks guys!

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